Top 13 David Bowie songs

This is just heartbreaking, as many of you probably know, legendary artist, singer, songwriter and actor David Bowie has passed away at the age of 69. His birthday was just three days ago and his loss is something indescribable to everyone who loved his music. And his voice... if there's something i always miss when i lose someone close is that i will never get to hear their voices again and it's something that always strikes me and in this case, when it's someone you've been listening ever since you were a kid, it's something tragic.

Inevitably, i'm making a top 12 of my most favourite songs from him, i'm not going to rank them as they're all fantastic and maybe the ones i'm putting are the obvious choices and others are not the most acclaimed ones, but i grew up seeing him in 'Labyrinth' and as it remains one of my favourite movies there you have them. Seriously, what a loss. Check out the rest after the cut.

Under Pressure

Thursday's Child

Space Oddity

Life on Mars

As The World Falls Down

Within' You

Where Are We Now

Let's Dance

Ashes to Ashes


Wild is The Wind

Magic Dance

Young Americans

sources: grupoviras & youtube

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