30 years of 'Labyrinth' (1986)

30 years of my favorite film when i was a child. Oh, how i adored it back then and how, still to this day, i do. Because the movie doesn't feel old, it doesn't look old or outdated like it happens sometimes to old films with the passing of time but it hasn't affected it one bit. That's when you know it's a classic because the movie is pretty much ageless.

Being like 7or 8 when i first saw it, i'm guessing on TV or someone rented the vhs, Jim Henson's movie always fascinated me. It's a fantasy tale about a young girl (Jennifer Connelly) who over fantasies with everything and doesn't want to grow up, but she's forced to do so when the Goblin King (David Bowie) takes her baby brother and she has to face the fantasy world she always dreamed about, only to find it not so appealing then. Thinking about it, it's like when you start to realise things in your teens, and you leave your most childish part behind. It's not something pretty but is still a process. And while everything in the movie seems to be a dream in the end, i think it really wants to represent that, growing up and leaving fairy tales behind. But as the movie shows in the end, you can become an adult and still reminish about the things you liked most when you were a kid, but living in the real adult world.

This movie is so dear to me and i want to keep the magic behind it so much, that even having the special dvd feature i never watched the making of in order not to see how the puppets were done or who was behind (or inside) Hoggle, and therefore always watch it with the eyes of a child. And as dear that this movie is to me, next week i will be able to watch it for the first time ever on the cinema, and i'm thrilled about. Absolutely thrilled. And it's even going to be more special since it's gonna be the first time i watch it since Bowie's death at the beginning of the year and that will be sad. His voice has been present in my life that early in my life and through this movie was when i first listened to him so it's gonna be bittersweet because we lost a great voice and a great artist.

Anyway, as usual, i'm posting a bunch of my fave stills of the movie behind the cut and also some vids of some of the music scenes with fantastic songs by David Bowie like the magical 'As the World Falls Down', the heartbreaking 'Within You' or the coolest dance song 'Magic Dance'. This film makes me feel like a child again so i can't wait to watch it on the big screen and enjoy it as a little girl. I'm sure i will.

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