20 years of 'Version 2.0.'

20 years ago Garbage reached no.1 on the UK album chart with their second album 'Version 2.0.' This record was a really excellent follow-up to their debut album 'Garbage', and quite a surprise as they brought a new sound totally different from the grunge and rock-ish style of their flawless debut. And while they tried to bring new sounds to their following albums ('Beautiful Garbage' was a nice effort that grows on you with the years, whereas 'Bleed Like Me', 'Not Your Kind of People' or 'Strange Little Birds' were ok but failed to impress), they haven't been able to reinvent themselves like they did with their sophomore album.

And as such an important date couldn't be missed, Garbage planned to make a anniversary concert in London to remember this amazing album (i've got tickets for that), but there was such a high demand that they ended making an anniversary tour and they will even make it to the US. I really can't wait to see them playing live this amazing album, it's gonna be something beyond, as i've only saw them play live during the 'Beautiful Garbage' tour and it was great.

 So, as a celebration of this very important and ground-breaking album, and while everyone remembers 'Push It', 'I Think I'm Paranoid' or 'When I Grow Up' from this record, i'm bringing you my top 5 songs from 'Version 2.0.' that you probably have forgotten, even though two of them were actually singles. It's going to be worth it because this album is complete perfection from beginning to end, a pure jewel to the ears:

Hammering My Head
"I use the ones that I love the best"

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20 Years of 'Sex & The City' and 20 Reasons Why It Remains Fabulous

'Sex and The City' turns 20 years old this week, can you believe? It seems like yesterday that this show about some thirty-something women first aired and changed TV forever. Yeah, that might sound dramatic but it did, as there was no other show that talked that openly about sex, and coming from a female perspective no less! So, they need to be appreciated more because even though the first seasons look a bit outdated now because of the fashion and those monologues from random people straight to the camera, the rest feels fresh and the feelings, doubts and humour remains relatable.

So, in honor of one of the best shows ever and one of my personal favorites, here are 20 reasons why this show remains flawless, in no specific order. Check them all out after the cut!

The girls
Each of the four main characters are simply amazing. From Miranda's neurotic ways, to Charlotte's prude mentality, Samantha's festive way of life or Carrie's dramas, there isn't one that could be missing. I'm a Miranda and I know some say she's the worst one but they certainly don't know a thing as she's the most down to earth character. And while Carrie was at first everyone's favorite, i liked that as seasons went on, people preferred the other girls. But as a whole they made the best combo of women you could ever have.

The City
If there's a big love story in the show, is the one that the characters have with New York City and they made you fall in love with it too. From restaurants to the Manhattan Bridge, to cool spots in the Soho or fancy boutiques, the show was full of locations that made you wonder how amazing it must be to live right there. I don't think there has been another show that showed the City as great as they did, even though 'Gossip Girl' did really nice as well.

Female friendship
One of the most important things of the show is not the sex or their relationships they had with other men, but the friendship between four ladies. It's beautifully shown and you could see their ups and downs but in the end they had each other's back no matter what and that was the biggest bond the series had. And they made me tear up a little whenever they got emotional between them, they argued or they simply showed their true love for each other.


Pete Yorn's & Scarlett Johansson's EP 'Apart'

Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson are back together making music again and these two are always a great combination. After nearly 10 years of their first collaboration together with the 'Break Up' album, a pure gem, they are back with 'Apart', a 5 song EP that is simply excellent.

For starters, the first single 'Bad Dreams' is catching like fire, one of those songs you just love to listen while driving, because it has all the energy. But for me, my instant favorite has been 'Movies', such an hypnotic and melodic ballad that really takes you somewhere else. 'Cigarillo' has one hundred percent Pete Yorn's signature all over it, and that's a good thing, while 'Iguana Bird', is a really great start for opening the EP. And last but not least 'Tomorrow' is the perfect brooch for a tiny but perfect EP.

I simply couldn't be happier of these two making sweet and good music again and i hope there's a third full album, or at least EP, in a future. In the meantime, enjoy this small pleasure that turned out to be 'Apart'. Listen below.

sources: spotify & peteyorn


It's Season Finale Time (Part lll)

It' seems every other show has had their season finale these days so here i am yet again doing a Season Finale Post after parts l and ll, so here's part lll and who knows if there will be a fourth. It's clear now that i watch too many shows at the moment, and this is the proof so, let's begin!


New Girl (Season 7 - Show finale) So Jessica Day and her gang had a small farewell season and it has been quite great. I was among those who thought that their charm had gone away a bit despite always being funny, but this last season, with a five year gap has been excellent. I think they should had done it earlier because it changed the series' dynamic and brought a lot of life to it but well, at least they did at the end. I have to admit that the last episode wasn't all that great though i appreciate that they didn't end with Jess' and Nick's wedding because that's what every other show does but it was a nice wrap up. I'm sure going to miss characters like Schmidt who's truly a gem, and all the rest because for me, these folks were the true heirs to 'Friends'.

Grey's Anatomy (Season 14) This show never ceases to surprise me and while the previous seasons weren't that much remarkable–though not bad, this one has been actually quite enjoyable. Sure it's a million miles away from the perfection of the first several seasons but it hasn't lost its touch. And i'm super glad that it's renewed every year because i simply enjoy watching it a lot, even when the episode is not that great, as they always keep it next to the core. And that's what i love most about it. About
Kepner's and Arizona's departures? Well, well bye girls, they never really were among my favorites but stop now with that nosense between Jackson and Maggie, it hurts my eyes. And bring DeLuca with Meredith, that would be hot.

Dynasty (Season 1) This show is an extremely guilty pleasure and i didn't expect it at the beginning. At first i watched because of Grant Show and my love to 'Melrose Place', but little by little the show has evolved into a delightful hot mess. Everything is absurd and most characters are too but that's the enjoyable part of it. And now with 'Desperate Housewife' Nicollette Sheridan things have gotten 100 times better. And the finale was quite jaw dropping so i'm super happy that its renewed though i don't expect this show to last a lot in the long run but i will enjoy it no matter what.


Met Gala: Heavenly Bodies - Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

This year's MET Gala has been quite stunning and i'm so glad of that. The theme was quite easy to follow and many celebs have gone ahead with it and provided amazing looks, while others did so little about it just by having a cross necklace or not sticking to the theme at all. But below are my total favorite looks from the night, because this year the Met Gala hasn't disappointed. I haven't included Katy Perry because that was too much, Cardi B., because she looked exactly like an old Beyonce look and we all know it, or the Jenners who didn't even try. Check all of them after the cut!

Kate Bosworth was absolutely beautiful looking like a virgin in this dreamy Oscar de la Renta gown

 This was an easy theme for Madonna as she provided a total look in Jean Paul Gaultier

 SZA has to be my favorite look as she looked heavenly and cute in Versace

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had a pristine look in Ralph Lauren

Lana del Rey's look in motion looks amazing, as she and Jared Leto were wearing Gucci and looked like they came straight out of a painting


It's season finale time! (Part ll)

 I'm catching up with a lot of shows i've watched over the past few months and i couldn't miss commenting on them, so here you have part 2 of the Season Finale time post. Spoilers ahead!

Everything Sucks (Season1) This show is the cutest thing. It brought back 90s nostalgia and who doesn't love a good old highschool show? The kids were nice and relatable and the series turned out to be a happy and accurate portray of grunge and highschool days, particularly for those like me who had their teen years during the 90s. Now, everything really sucked when Netflix decided to cancel it and not give it a second season as it deserved and as the plot was left open and unresolved and that really, really sucked. Many have complained about this and the young lead actress Peyton Kennedy (who ncan be seen now on 'Grey's Anatomy') has expressed that maybe everything is not lost, so let's hope they can give it at least a final season.

Love (Season 3-Finale) I've always hate-watched this show, mainly because all the characters are annoying and really punchable in the face but this third and final season (which i had no idea it was going to be its last) turned out to be quite decent. Gus and Mickey were kinda nice and, surprisingly, Bertie was the best thing, with her birthday episode being the episode o most enjoyed of the season, alongside the final ep. In the end it was sad that there aren't more seasons but better to leave it like this.

 Dark (Season 1) This German show turned out to be quite a good surprise because i was not expecting such a great series and quite a mindfuck. But what a lovely puzzling series, it got me hooked to it the whole entire season. Season 2 is currently filming and they better make a really good 'Previously in Dark' intro because i could barely keep on track of what was going on the entire season but i loved every second of it.

 Divorce (Season 2) The Sarah Jessica Parker show started quite nicely the first season and while this second one hasn't been bad, i didn't quite like it as the first one. It's still an enjoyable show though i have to admit it doesn't have me guessing of what's going to happen next but still is nice to see Sarah Jessica in whatever and Molly Shannon along her. It seems that there will be a Season 3 though it hasn't been renewed yet and i will watch it no matter what though i wouldn't mind either if it got cancelled.

Makeover Madness by Steven Meisel

Even though this fantastic magazine shoot from photographer Steven Meisel for the Vogue Italia July 2005 issue was done years ago, i've only come across with it now, so i absolutely had to post it.

This new to me iconic photoshoot features a series of models, on which Linda Evangelista stands out, that glamorizes the struggle that many models go through when they have surgery to convey the idea of beauty that the fashion world demands, and therefore being a part of that world. It's a criticism  to the extent of what models (and actresses for that matter) will do to make a name for themselves in that complicated world, and the shoot sort of normalises it. I'm not against surgery, in fact you can see some before and after photos of the models and how good they look afterwards at the source, but they also looked good before even though not for the fashion industry.

Nowadays plastic surgery is something that not only almost every person on show business has done (from botox, lip injections to breast or butt implants), but also more present in our everyday life, where anyone can modify their looks in order to feel better. I personally think that one has to accept and love oneself the way they look but if a little intervention makes you feel better then go for it, but never to fill out some crazy standards.

Anyway, the photoshoot is fantastic and Meisel's satire of the modelling world is great, you can see the rest of shoot after the cut but some of the photos might be NSFW so have that in mind.


It's season finale time! (Part l)

It's time to catch up and some series finales shows that i have seen lately and that i could not comment on, and i really had to do it. There are many more i want to talk about so i'll be making another post for others shows like 'Dark', 'Everything Sucks', the season finale of 'Love', 'Divorce' or the upcoming 'Grey's Anatomy', but in the meantime here are the ones that i recently watched. It has minor spoilers but you've been warned!

UnReal (Season 3) - The thing with 'UnReal' is that the first season was outstanding, it was such a guilty pleasure that it was hard to live up to that. The second season was fine and now the third one, with a suitress instead of a male suitor, was a nice change for the show's formula, and while it wasn't bad, it was not amazing either. But i adore dark and twisted characters like Quinn and i love watching this mess of a show. Now, the preview of the fourth season was something... beyond.They totally had to change their formula and they did a twist that we didn't expect at all, that was having Rachel as the suitress. And we all know she's going to be a mess, a complete and total mess. And i really can't wait to watch it but we'll have to wait until 2019.

The X Files (Season 11) It's really surprinsing but this season of 'The X Files' has been excellent. Sure it had some boring episodes like the two first eps and the Skinner one, but the rest have been absolutely fantastic. From 'Plus One' or 'Familiar' that echoed the good old seasons, to the 'Black Mirror'-esque 'Rm9sbG93ZXJz', this season made us believe that the show hasn't lost its touch. it hasn't but maybe it's about time that we say goodbye for good to the show and end it on a high note, after all, it seems that Gillian Anderson is not coming back for more seasons. But anyway, whatever happens to the show i have to admit that Mulder and Scully still make my heart skip a beat.

American Crime Story: Versace  I was really looking forward to see what Ryan Murphy had done with the murder case of one of the most important fashion designers in the world, especially when it had Penélope Cruz as Donatella Versace, but the season has been a bit of a let down. Sure the actors are all amazing on the show, from the lead Darren Criss, to Penélope, Edgar Ramirez as Gianni or personal favorites of mine like Michael Nouri or Max Greenfield, the cast is brilliant but the story... not so much. As many others, i expected to see more of the Versace family but instead we got a look at the complete life of the murderer Andrew Cunanan and hence, the disappointment. And it wasn't a bad story but i was looking forward to see a different story.


Dakota Johnson photographed by Gia Coppola for Grazia Italia

 Dakota Johnson is most known for her role in the cinema adaptation of '50 Shades of Grey', but that's nothing i care about. Instead, she's going to be in Luca Guadagnino's 'Suspiria' remake and that's something to keep an eye on. And these photos taken by Gia Coppola for Grazia Italia absolutely help.

Photographed in Francis Ford Coppola's family home, Gia Coppola graces us once again with an intimate, Sofia Coppola-esque photoshoot that captures another starlet coming from a royal Hollywood family–as Dakota is Don Johnson's and Melanie Griffith's daughter while Gia is the 'Apocalypse Now's granddaughter. And while all this cries out loud nepotism, at least in Gia's case she really stands by herself, though obviously inspired by her aunt Sofia.

Anyways, i feel like Dakota still has to prove herself so maybe starring in the 'Suspiria' remake will give her her place. In the meantime, these photos by Gia are absolutely gorgeous and i couldn't miss them, as i'm a huge fan of her work, so check them all out after the cut.


15 years of Madonna's 'American Life'

In 2003 Madonna released the controversial 'American Life' after the country dance album 'Music' and it was definitely a different twist for her. And while i liked some songs, i was kinda disappointed as i expected something else, despite Mirwai's fabulous involvement. But i played it again a few years later and i unexpectedly adored it.

'American Life' wasn't Madonna's biggest success, in fact, its lead single and title album track didn't even make big on the charts as it was expected from the Queen of Pop but many as i didn't understand what we had ahead of ourselves. This album was ahead of its time, and that makes it priceless as years go by and you listen to it with a different point of view. Many appreciated it for what it was but it took time to others to see that this is not Madonna's worst album, not even close. One has to admire gems like the ultra hit 'Hollywood' or divine and worth James Bond tunes like 'Die Another Die', so underrated at the time. And what about the powerful and heart felt ballad 'Nothing Fails' which i saw her performing live, playing an acoustic guitar and with a profound feeling that later i understood as weeks later it was announced that she and Guy Ritchie (after whom he wrote such a beautiful love letter) were divorcing. But all of them, alongside some pure disco electronic delights as fantastic as 'Mother and Father' or 'Nobody Knows Me', make up for a different, out of the box album.

It's surprising how underrated this album actually is but i guess many experienced what happened to me when i first listened to it and now we can give the place it deserves. Below there are my five absolute favorite songs from 'American Life', one of them actually included in my Top 20 Madonna songs ever so it can't be that bad of an album. Not at all.


Nothing Fails

Die Another Day

Love Profusion

Mother and Father

sources: thepinsta & youtube