6 favorite songs by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has announced that she's releasing a new album soon and that's good news even though you don't think so. Why? Because her debut album 'Paris', released in 2006, was a pure pop jewel. Sure it contained the basic 2000 pop album sound, similar to those released by Hilary Duff or Ashlee Simpson, but  songs like 'Nothing in This World' or 'Stars Are Blind' remain hit tracks to this day. Maybe you cannot get over the fact that it's indeed Paris Hilton singing this songs and yeah, her voice may not be that good and she doesn't write her own material but if you get over that stuff, the album is kinda good.

So, as we'll have to wait for the heiress to grace us with her new album, here are six songs that you have to admit that are really catchy and fun to dance to, many are from her debut record and 'Good Time' was randomly released but still a great dance song. Listen below!

Stars Are Blind

Nothing In This World

I Want You

DoYou Think I'm Sexy

Turn It Up

Good Time

sources: youtube

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