'Ghostbusters' (2016)

I'm late to the party but i finally managed to watch 'Ghostbusters', the much awaited and criticized new version of the 80s blockbuster classic. And while i did not expect much i knew it was not going to be as bad as all those hatred comments. Because all the hating came only because the protagonists were women this time and that is simply petty and lame.

Anyway, besides all that, the movie is quite fine. In fact, it's a total homage to the two 80s films, and a really dedicated one, with cameos from the original cast (i did not expect the Sigourney Weaver one), scenes in the original movies settings (like the firestation) and even cameos from the old iconic ghosts like the Stay Puff Marshmallow or Slimer, so you can tell the film has totally taken after the old movies. And it shouldn't be a surprise as it's written and produced by original Ghostbuster himself Dan Aykroyd, who was also behind the first two movies, so it was all well taken care of.

As for the very criticized female cast, they were all awesome. Kristen Wiig is always great and Melissa McCarthy is always hilarious but i think the two that really stand out are Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, they're really the surprise in the movie as well as Chris Hemsworth playing hot ass dumb was really funny too, and totally eye candy. And it's the friendship and the bonding of the four women which is great about the movie, apart from the humor and plot. So i don't understand why so much hate when it's one of the best things of the movie.

Overall, this is a great film to watch during Summer or any other boring Sunday, because it's simply so entertaining and funny that will make up your day. I've posted the Total Film cover of the cast because they look fab and also Chris Hemsworth's editorial below because he looks his hottest in the movie. And don't forget to watch it and stay for the scene in the ending credits because if you liked the movie as much as i did, you will get excited. Veeery excited.

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'UnReal' Season 2

First of all let's address all the critics and hating that this second season of  'UnReal' had. That it's not as great as the first season, that it lost its freshness, that it's not good anymore... Total BS. I really hate when people immediately throw a show under the bus because it's not as perfect as it used to be, especially when it comes to second seasons. Of course the show has kinda lost its surprise effect after season one, because then we got what the show was all about, it can't be that surprising anymore with the second season. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been. I have to admit though that expectations were too high and the second season started kinda weak. But let's begin.

The second season of 'UnReal' was highly expected by me after the perfection that the first season was. It's one of those shows that you kinda say to yourself, this totally is my cup of tea. And as it was already renewed for a third season right before the second one started, i was anxious about it. And as i said, it didn't kick off in the beginning as expected but that doesn't mean it wasn't good at all. It's like with all those 'Game of Thrones' fans who now say that the show is boring because there's not murder all the time. It's nosense. A show has to surprise but also we have to allow to take its time to develop plots and let's us surprise us in the end, And that's what happened with 'Unreal'. Obviously, the idea of the show was so good that it couldn't live up much longer but the repeated formula which obviously is gonna remain on the show (that we know of) worked out fine this time as well.

This season was darker, colder and crueler to the bachelor as well to the contestants, and also between co-workers, like everything was on the edge. The relationship between Rachel and Quinn suffered quite a lot but as one of the key elements of the show, it was proven to be stronger than ever towards the end of the season. We also have seen more of Jay and Madison and that's nice because they have been quite good this time, especially hopeless romantic Jay. And while the season has not been perfect, it ended perfectly. The finale, with Ruby coming back for her man was something great, unexpected and made it for a happy ending that noone saw coming. And that's why i think this season of 'UnReal' has been great because it leaded towards a perfect ending season. "True love, who gets that?" those lines of Quinn really got me, and mark a perfect brooch for an ending that could as well be titled as 'How To Get Away with Murder', with both Quinn and Rachel laying down like at the end of season 1 but this time with Jeremy and Chet. Perfect ending scene for a very decent season. Now give more of 'UnReal'.

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'Scream Queens' season 2 teaser trailer

"Good morning, sluts," 'Scream Queens' is back next month and we already have a taste of what's coming. While i'm super excited about it and i loved the perfect first season, i'm always afraid that it won't live up to season 2. Of course, i will be watching and i'm eager too but i just don't want to have my expectations too high because i adore the humor and frivolity the show has, it's totally my cup of tea. So, i'm not going to expect much and hope that it surprises me as it did with the first season.

Our Chanels are back in September 20th and in the meantime we have this really cool teaser to keep going and a few really great and amazing cast photos after the cut because you can tell these people are having fun working together. Ok, i'm excited about it i just don't want it to suck, check out the teaser below and the cool pics after the cut.


Stranger Things (Season 1)

(Spoiler Things)
'Stranger Things' has definitely been the surprise of the season, there's always a show that you binge-watch during Summer, last year it was 'UnReal' for me, and this one it's been 'Stranger Things' like,  for sure.

The show had all elements to be attractive, it has Winona Ryder (that only was enough for me), it's set on the 80s, a mysterious plot and a soundtrack that sticks in your head from the very first moment you hear it, and of course, this was going to be a success. Not only because of all those elements but because the story keeps you attached from the pilot to the very last episode. So, let's talk about what we loved on 'Stranger Things'.

For a starter, and i think everyone agrees, the 80s nostalgia is everything. That's not easy to achieve, such a setting that looks like an old Spielberg movie or so similar to any film of that decade but 'Stranger Things' nailed it. It's like it was filmed 30 years ago and it came back to light now and that's huge. Because, you feel transported to that era, back when you were little and watched all those glorious old movies. And obviously, is full of references to all those films but i think everyone's favourite was the 'E.T.' scene with the kids in their bikes, but like a more badass version of it.

Which brings us back now to the cast, starting with the kids. The kids are amazing, they're true heirs of 'The Goonies' and i'm saying that being a huge Goonies fan. J.J. Abrams tried to achieve that with the kids in 'Super 8' and while it kinda reminded you of them, they weren't quite close. The five buddies in 'Stranger Things' really nailed that, it's like they are the youngest brothers of the Goonies and with a more important female character, that is Eleven (or El for her friends) fantastically played by Millie Bobby Brown. They create such a special bond apart from the one that already had the four young friends before El that is super sweet and funny.

But apart from them, there's Winona (WINONA FOREVER) and i was so happy to see her again after 'Black Swan' and i hope to see more of her because she always makes interesting stuff. Some say she was just playing crazy and that she's a bit crazy herself after that shop-litfing incident, but i saw more than that. She gave a mature performance of a desperate mother and i think she really did great.

The teenagers were also very on point, starting with Natalie Dyer playing Nancy, all good girl at first but then ready to kick the hell out of the monster by the end. I liked how she didn't end up with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) being what seemed obvious but returned to her lame boyfriend (marvelously played by Steve Harrington). And what about Barb (Shannon Purser) who didn't relate to her at some point and thought she deserved better? It was sad that she died and would love to have seen more of her but she died for being a good friend, poor thing.

As for the story, without having too many plot twists or things that we kinda could figure out, i think it really surprised everyone. I loved how the story developed and made you keep guessing all the time but in the end, while i was satisfied with the resolution, the opening clues for the second season don't felt that attracting to me. Mostly because i don't think how they're going to keep the mystery going and make it still right as its freshness can all fade away. So I guess we'll have to wait and watch for ourselves and probably prove me wrong. Hope so.

Below there's the show's main theme which i think everyone loved, at least i was into it the very first seconds i heard it.

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'Looking: The Movie'

(There's definitely spoilers)
The ending of 'Looking' was something really expected by everyone as it was unfairly cancelled after the pure gloriousness that was season 2. The show had so much potential, such an excellent writing and directing by Andrew Haigh and the cast was so on point that it sucked that it all got dropped. But luckily for us, HBO decided to make a film to honor the show and give it a proper ending. Because it deserved it and it shouldn't be tossed away like any other show.

So, we return to San Francisco like Patrick coming back to attend Agustin's and Eddie's wedding, and we feel like we're retuning back home to see old friends. It gives you that feeling because Haigh creates such intimate scenes and dialogues that you feel like you know these characters, these people. And we find that Patrick has somehow ran away from himself back to his childhood home and returned only to face everything he left behind. From his break up with Kevin to his feelings for Richie. Everything right back in a weekend. And while maybe Patrick did some thinking and probably needed time to digest everything, now he had to do something, and we witnessed that. The talk he had with Kevin (who i never ever liked) about their split and how Patrick never really gave it a chance to work things out really touched my soul. Because he never tried, and i've recently been through that with a person who didn't want to at least, try to see if things worked or not, so it was emotional. Also, the force that the conversation had resides precisely on its truthfulness, because with 'Looking' everything feels real and that's its biggest achievement.

Another scene that really stand out was the talk between Agustin and Patrick on top of the hill. It was about Agustin having turned into everything he hated and how he was confused because of that, but good friend Patrick was there to make him see that it's about growing up and that maybe those loathes were precisely fears that he had and overcame now. Agustin is really a character that i despised during the first season but after s2 i feel everyone fell in love with him and i was happy he got a happy ending with Eddie.

As for Richie and Patrick, i was happy that they got back together, they had an amazing chemistry from the beginning and it had to end like that. I know there are many out there who wanted him with Kevin but that was just too messy. Richie and Patrick were just too pretty and if there was going to be a happy ending for him, it had to be with Richie. Because at least they will try and that's the most important thing, whatever that happens.

I'm happy that the show had an ending, someone said that a show doesn't need seven seasons to be perfect, because 'Looking' has been perfect with two and a final movie. And that's it.


POP by Stella McCartney

The ad for Stella McCartney's latest fragance POP is finally here and it's absolutely gorgeous. We were already expecting something great by the looks of the promotional campaign pictures released but the result is a really delightful thing to watch.

The film stars Grimes, Lola Leon, Amandla Stenberg and Kenya Kinski-Jones and it has pink vibes all over and i can't help but think that somehow it reminds me of 'Spring Breakers' but only because there are four girls, there's pink everywhere and the spirit of freedom around. Grimes' music plays and the girls look amazing in that very necessary pink convertible slash pool that they create, really necessary to keep it fresh in the Summer. And while all of them are great, all eyes are on Lola as she's the Queen of Pop's daughter and we don't get to see her that much. And it's a shame because the girl is gorgeous, she has really hypnotic eyes and she kinda stands out for me, but maybe it's because i love her mom so much.

Anyway, enjoy the POP film below, i really loved it and the images are gorgeous so check out more behind the cut.


Looking HBO movie trailer

After an emotional hiatus, this blog is back. And what a better way to bring it back to life with the trailer of the upcoming finale of 'Looking'. Oh my, what a series. Thankfully, HBO didn't ditch it with its cancellation after season 2 last year and will give it a proper ending, because the shoe deserves it. And now we get to see a peek of what's coming and it's going to be an emotional ride. Because the show is full of feelings and that is its greatest achievement and i don't think it's going to disappoint. Of course some are team Richie or team Kevin (i'm team Richie all the way) so there's something that maybe will not please everyone, but still can't wait to watch it no matter what.

The long length episode will be aired on July 23 so we'll finally see the finale of a show that was amazing while it lasted. Watch the trailer below.


Garbage's music video for 'Empty'

The first music vid of Garbage's upcoming album 'Strange Little Birds' is out with its first single 'Empty' directed by Samuel Bayer who also directed other videos for them like 'Vow', 'Only Happy When It Rains' and 'Stupid Girl', iconic music vids from the 90s. And just like the track is classic Garbage, the vid is also good old Garbage in a modern way.

We can say that the vid's direction is really similar to 'Vow', with frontwoman Shirley Manson dressing a fur coat like in that vid, but this time it's pink, just like the colour of her dress in the OHWIR's vid and like her hair colour now. I feel the vid is kinda like a mix of 'Vow' and 'Stupid Girl', like a modern version of them, and while the good old formula is good, i wished they did another turn of their signature style and surprise everyone like they did with the 2.0 era. Anyway, enjoy the vid below.


'Faking It' cancelled

It's not fair. It really isn't. This guilty pleasure of mine has been cancelled after three seasons and it feels like a waste. A waste of potential because this show could had given a lot more. Obviously it's not the best tv show out there but it had something different, and that was the clue of its, then, success; 'Faking It' was a show with no taboos, that immersed itself in teenage years and was open to any gender, sexual orientation or anything that was not stereotypical about young people. From lesbians, to gays, to transgenders, to intersex, i felt that the show was educating many young and not so young folks out there about these topics that are not talked enough in highschools and that's the show's biggest loss because, as all of those non conventional stereotypes, they all had room in here and made them not different from the rest. Just teenagers struggling through their identities and trying to fit into a world that was not so welcoming as they wish. Of course, the show was funny, and bubbly and ridiculous at times but it brought the good in that and i loved it.

Also, it's not fair that a show like 'Awkward', which i adored at first because it felt so fresh and funny, has had 5 seasons despite the last two, or three, being totally average and kinda boring, when 'Faking It' ended this season 3 and with no closing finale or anything, and it didn't deserve that. At least they could have given it a proper ending and not to be so lame to cancel it like that.

About the "finale"... well, it obviously wasn't a show's finale, it left a lot of things open and lots of possibilities and new interesting plots, so it feels like a waste not to give it a proper ending. It's really frustrating and i think the show had a lot to explore and especially, we were all waiting for Amy and Karma to happen so now we'll never see it. There are people suggesting that Netflix should pick up the show for a last season but i see it difficult but anyway, those who watched the show loved it while it lasted and even though it wasn't the best show out there it will be missed.


Music Monday (Rihanna, JT, JLo, Elderbrook, Sigala & The Chemical Brothers)

It's been a while since i did the Music Monday post that mainly everything i'm bringing it's so mainstream that you're probably already heard it but i had to post them anyway.

Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna - This Is What You Came For
So, first things first with this instant hit, of course this collaboration was going to be gold as Calvin Harris always makes hit songs and Rihanna is always flawless, so here you have it. I've been listening to it nonstop so enjoy!

Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling
JT is back with new music and he always makes pretty good stuff (no matter how i dislike him as a celebrity). But anyway, this new single is super catchy and you can't help but love it.

Elderbrook - How Many Times (Andhim Remix)
This is another song that i'm playing everyday at home, but it's simply so smooth and makes you want to dance at the same time. A really great discovery.

The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open
I didn't dig this song at first but with a few listens i ended up liking it a lot. Maybe it's not the average Chemical Brothers dancey stuff but it's enjoyable as well.

Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama
J.Lo is back and while at first this song didn't do much for me, now i've got it in my head literally all of the time. You've been warned, this is a grower.

Kygo - Stay
And finally, one song to dance and cheer you up, because sometimes these type of songs that are not really that much or that doesn't have deeply meaningful lyrics, are the best ones to listen and start the day off right, enjoy!

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