'La La Land' (2016)

First of all i have to admit that i don't like musicals. I really don't. And i respect anyone who does and yeah 'Singing in the Rain' is a classic but i just don't love it as everyone else. Of course i like some movies that could be loosely described as a musical like 'Moulin Rouge' or 'Grease' but that's only because the music is more modern and catchy and it's not the typical Broadway show. So i went to watch 'La La Land' with no expectations despite having won everything at the Golden Globes and... i actually liked it.

Damien Chazelle's second film (his debut movie was the amazing 'Whiplash') is practically an homage to every classic Broadway musical, beginning with an opening scene that it's a joy for any musical fan. Obviously, i didn't enjoy that scene that much but i have to admit that the greatness of the movie is that it plays with the nostalgia of all those old Hollywood classics and it really feels like one of them. And despite all of that, i could enjoy it because it narrates a charming story of a romance between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who have undeniable chemistry, and the musical numbers are not really often. That, and the stellar performance of Emma Stone as an inspiring actress are they keys of the success of the movie. Gosling is also great, he's always correct and accurate in his performances but Stone is the one who steals the show. Without being a big fan of her she delivers here a terrific performance and her singing is also beautiful, so it doesn't surprise me when she gets awarded for it. But the thing that competely convinced me about the film are the last 10 minutes of the movie. It might sound off but the story wouldn't be as perfect and beautiful without that final scene.

The ending really touched me to the core. When Mia (Stone) enters Seb's bar (Gosling) without knowing that he really fulfilled his dream of opening his own jazz bar, and when he's about to play the piano and sees her in the audience with her husband... that scene was electric and emotional. Because then, he starts playing their song and remembering the exact moment she listened to it and instead of replaying what happened in their heads, they imagine what would have happened if they did things right. If instead of ignoring her that first time and walking out the bar after getting fired, he would have grabbed her by the waist and give her a kiss that it's what he should had done. And thinking how would had been their relationship if they continued as in the beginning, with that excitement and love, and not take the job as a piano player in that band that pushed him far away from her and his dream. And also how if he did all that right, he would be now sitting beside her, being her husband and having everything they once dreamed of achieving together, and that's so heartbreaking and so relatable that it broke my heart. I just cried my eyes out during all that scene because it's a feeling we've all have had when we have loved someone and the relationship didn't go as we expected and we replay in our heads what would have happened if we did things differently. It's inevitable to think about that when you have loved someone and that's why this end of the story made up for everything else in the movie. And it's not that only those last minutes are good, it is just that it gives the whole a story a perfect ending in a movie that is full of fantasy and songs, but with an ending as real as life itself.

After watching it i understand all the praise and awards 'La La Land' is getting because they are well deserved, and if i think that without being myself a musical lover, i can imagine how marvellous it must be for someone who is. After the cut i'm posting some beautiful stills of the movie as usual, enjoy them as i'm sure you would if you've seen the movie.


'Divorce' Season 1

(Spoilers, obvs)
Yep, it has taken me a bit to watch 'Divorce HBO' but i finally did last night. It's not that i was not liking the show but it's true that i lost a bit of interest. But only a bit.

The Sarah Jessica Parker show started reaaally good with the first few eps, especially depicting the tough process of a break up from both sides and that's what i liked best about the series, that you could relate even with the smallest detail. Like when Robert (Thomas Haden Church) googled his wife's lover or tiny heartbreaking details like that. But after a few eps, the plot moved onto the legal thing and lawyers got involved and it got a little less attracting to me. Not that it was bad or anything but i preferred the sentimental part of it a bit more. Still there had been a lot of that in the show but not in the same way. But either way, is still a show that i will keep watching, especially now that in the finale we've seen that things are about to get really messy in the second season.

Apart from the plot, it has really great actors involved. From, obviously Sarah Jessica Parker as Frances (i would watch this woman in practically anything), Frances' friends with Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam are simply fantastic, and on the husband's part, Tracy Letts as Nick is also great. There's also the very fantastic Jeffrey DeMunn as Frances' lawyer who is always a joy to see (even though i'm afraid we sadly won't be getting more of him in S2) and even Frances' dad played by Robert Forster is an amazing addition.

I will be watching season 2 no matter what and while it's not a show that i watch right away when it's on, i always enjoy watching it. In the meantime, i'm posting a few great photographs of Sarah Jessica below that i really liked, because this woman is simply the most stylish person alive.


'This Must Be The Place' by Paolo Sorrentino

(No Spoilers)
What a marvellous thing this movie is, what a beauty. I think i can speak for everyone when saying that the movie where had Sean Penn dressed up as Robert Smith didn't look that interesting. It's true that it won the Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival but somehow it didn't look this good at all. But it is. It's another proof why Sorrentino is one of the greatest filmmakers alive and i don't think he's recognized enough.

'This Must Be The Place' is titled after the fantastic Talking Heads' song and the lyrics have a lot to do throughout the whole movie and different versions of the song keep sounding in the background. Even former frontman David Byrne sings during a performance in a fantastic scene but let's not get into that yet.

Sorrentino depicts the life of a Cheyenne, retired rock star played by Penn living off his royalties with a very accommodated life, he lives in a castle with his understanding wife (played by Frances Mc Dormand) and hangs out with a young girl (Eve Hewson), and there's not much more than that. He's completely done with music and kinda out of touch with reality, with his make up, messy hair and black clothes. That's all on the surface but in reality he lives a tortured life, he gave up music because he feels he has to punish himself after some incidents that happened in the past, and that's all i can tell about the pot without revealing too much.

Sorrentino creates a beautiful story with a character that you grow fond of, despite his eccentric looks, Cheyenne is a beautiful soul that even has the innocence of a young kid, and that's also one of his issues, that he hasn't grown up. Penn really embodies his role and despite usually seeing him in more aggressive roles in other movies, here he really gets to your heart. I might sound really soft and tender but really, it is like that. And that's what makes his story and the film so charming.

Besides the acting, and as usual, the director creates amazing music moments like the epic performance of David Byrne singing 'This Must Be The Place' in an astonishing scene. The rest of the soundtrack fits perfectly into the story (beside the tracks by the Pieces of Shit), and the many covers of the film's title song are simply fantastic to the story - i'm adding all of them below because after watching the movie i listened to them nonstop, as well as Gavin Friday's song 'Lord I'm Coming'.

I really can't recommend this movie more, it's not often that you watch a film and end up feeling like you've seen a great thing and this is exactly what happens with 'This Must Be The Place'. It plays on your mind for days and i adore when  that happens to me. Enjoy the few songs i'm posting after the cut and admire the greatness of Byrne's performance, and as always, some of the stills that i loved the best. Seriously, this is an instant favorite.


5 Shows to Look Forward on 2017

Not only we do have great movies coming ahead this year but some very interesting new shows. I don't need to recommend you to watch 'The Young Pope' anymore but you should really watch it. As for the rest, here are five shows to really give a try this 2017.

Twin Peaks - Obvi. 25 years later, it's happening again and i can't hardly wait. The cast of the show has been talking so good about the new material that i've got such high expectations that i hope it doesn't disappoint. The iconic David Lynch show is set to air sooner than expected as it's just been announced that it's gonna premiere on May 21 and will have 18 episodes *dead* Also, it's going to include some characters that i didn't expect, like Sherilynn Fenn, who played my fave character Audrey Horne, as she has tweeted about the revival so she's expected to appear, which i'm thrilled about. I seriously cannot wait for this, it's been described as "the pure heroin version of David Lynch" so i'm literally over the moon. 132 left to witness Lynch in pure glory.

Big Little Lies - This show looks like a new and more serious version of 'Desperate Housewives' and the cast alone is quite impressive: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Alexander Skarsgard, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz... and for that alone it looks interesting enough for me. It premieres in 41 days (Feb. 20) so we won't have to wait long for it. Watch the trailer below.

Feud - Everything Ryan Murphy does, i'm interested in. I can't help it when he makes such great shows, from 'American Horror Story' to 'American Crime Story' and 'Scream Queens', and now he's making a show about the filming of the iconic 'What ever happened to Baby Jane?'. And if you have watched the film you should now how terribly bad the relationship between Golden Age Hollywood divas Bette Davis and Joan Crawford was, and how many stories were written about it so hence, the title of the show. Both stars will be played by Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon and other cast includes Kathy Bates, Judy Davis, Sarah Paulson, Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci and Catherin Zeta Jones among many others so it's really a stellar cast for such an ambitious project. The show is going to have 8 episodes and expected to premiere on March 7 so we have a few good ones coming these next months.

Santa Clarita's Diet - I had no idea about this show since a few weeks ago and while the plot is a bit bizarre (click here for major details and spoilers), as it has Drew Barrymore starring on it, i'm sold. It looks like a fresh and twisted comedy and the complete first season (10 episodes) premieres on February 3, so again, we won't take long to see if it's worth it or not. Anything with Drew i nearly always like so i trust this one. At least it's going to be something different to see. Watch the teaser below.

On Becoming A God - A few days ago this tv show was announced and has already blown my mind. The controversial director Yorgos Lanthimos from 'Canino' and 'The Lobster' (i haven't watched this one yet) is developing this dark comedy series starring Kirsten Dunst with executive producers George Clooney, Dunst and Lanthimos themselves. It's still in early stages but i'm already waiting for it, as 'Canino' and 'Alps' are really weird and amazing movies, especially the first one. Plot details can be found here but i will be watching when it's out.


The girls from Girls in Glamour magazine

Oh my, what a wonderful magazine spread Glamour mag has done in honor of the final season of 'Girls HBO'.

There's only 40 days left for Season 6 to premiere and it's going to be super sad to let these four ladies go but i know it's gonna have a great ending. I trust Lena Dunham and her decision to end it on a high note so we'll have to wait and see what she has in store for us. Enjoy these fantastic photos of Lena, Jemima, Zosia and Allison wearing Marc Jacobs Spring' 17 and photographed by Emma Summerton and read the interview at the source (link below).

sources: glamour


Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

What a year... after suffering a heart attack last week on a plane, it seemed that actress Carrie Fisher was out of danger and recovering but sadly, she passed away at 60-years-old. And it's sad, because having played the iconic role of Princess Leia in 'Star Wars', we all loose someone from our childhood.

She obviously did more than that and i'm not meaning other roles, but she was a spokeperson for people struggling with mental illness and drug addiction, because she publicly was one herself. Her 'fuck it' attitude was what made her stand out as a person and what many admired about her is that she had no shame about her conflicted past. For me, apart from the movie, she was my favorite toy from the bunch of 'Star Wars' little figures that my brother had.

Behind she leaves a legacy in the form of a badass role playing a princess that was a rebel one, so far away from Disney's princesses type, the admiration to her persona for being brave enough to speak out loud about her weakness and a daughter (Billie Lourd) that has just started her same profession, and i hope she keeps on going. After the cut i've posted a bunch of amazing photos of Carrie Fisher and her mom actress Debbie Reynolds, hanging out with the cast of 'Star Wars', with her first husband singer Paul Simmon, with 'Postcards from the Edge' co-stars Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, and with her daughter Billie.


10 Favorite George Michael songs

I'm... speechless. The news of the death of George Michael on Christmas day have caught us all by surprise and heartbroken during a holiday he was so related to. And i just can't believe it. I knew he was having some really bad years when it comes to his personal life but he had managed to pull it off and make a huge comeback twice in the past, so i was just expecting the third one. Because if anything, George Michael has one of the best voices our generation has ever heard, with such range that he could sing whispering through your soul with 'Jesus to a Child' and powerfully sing 'Somebody to Love' at Freddie Mercury's tribute concert and sound almost like the Queen singer.

This 2016 couldn't be any worse when it comes to loosing great artists and with this one they literally took part of my upbringing, as i always watched his fabulous videos in MTV like 'Too Funky', 'Freedom' or 'Fastlove', and with 'Older' i became enchanted by his voice. I don't know, i just didn't expect for his voice to go silent.

My favorite songs from him below, in no special order but starting with 'You Have Been Loved', song he wrote as a farewell love letter to dear friends he lost, now it serves us to kiss him goodbye because he truly "has been loved."

You Have Been Loved

Too Funky
This video, the song, the models, everything is so fabulous, catchy and cool, one can't get better than this.One of my favorite videos ever.

Kissing a Fool
It's inevitable for me to sing out loud this song when it comes out because, it is so great. I would love to sing it at a karaoke one day because it's just perfect for that.

Killer/Papa Was a Rollin' Stone
For me, this cover is way better than the original song and it always gives me so much life when i listen to it. I adore it.

Careless Whisper
A powerful ballad that will remain forever.

I Can't Make You Love Me
This one hurts for anyone who has ever felt a broke heart. Because the lyrics, the melody, are so relatable that the heart keeps on breaking.

I listened to this song on repeat and it was all worth it. I never grew tired of it. I got the casette of 'Older' back in the day and bought the cd when i got the chance. A masterpiece.

A Moment With You
His voice was perfect for slow, smooth songs like this. It created a whole vibe you could easily get into and i adored that.

This one would not be on the top 3 songs but i had to add it here because it's so iconic when it comes to his career. I know many would have added 'I Want Your Sex' but, eve though it's good, it's not among my faves.


I was going to add 'Faith' instead of this one but who am i kidding? i know 'Faith' i's a classic but i'm sorry, i like this one so much better. It makes me wanna dance and sorta turns me on so it's a win-win.

Somebody to Love
I could not make a list without adding this Queen song and the performance to witness how powerful and emotive the tribute was. He just totally nailed. He was such an amazing performer, i can't believe it yet. 

sources: youtube


10 movies to look forward in 2017

Just a few days ago we got a taste of what to expect from the much awaited and criticized 'Blade Runner' sequel, and while i don't expect it to be something as big and iconic as the original 1982 film, it looks intriguing to me. But that only reminds me of all of the films coming this 2017 and how much i'm looking forward for them so here are the 10 movies i want to watch this next year really badly:

Blade Runner 2049
While it's not directed by Ridley Scott as the classic movie is, Denis Villeneuve is a director to keep an eye on, as he has already delivered some interesting works like 'Prisoners', 'Sicario' or the recent 'Arrival' so i have high hopes for it. It also helps that the trailer looks amazing and it contains the whole mood of the first film so hope i won't get disappointed and that it turns out to be at least something interesting.

I don't really like biopics, for me they're the most boring thing, but Pablo Larraín has caught my attention with this Jackie Kennedy film. For a starter, her life is something that interests me and by the looks of the trailer it looks amazing. Also, Natalie Portman seems to deliver one hell of a performance so i can't wait.

It's Only the End of the World
I adored 'Mommy' by Xavier Dolan so this new film has my full attention after that. Dolan seems to have created another moving story about family combining it again with humor and sadness and he did so well with his previous feature that i already want to watch this new one as soon as possible.

The rest after the cut!


'Scream Queens' Season 2

(Spoilers, obvi)
So, the much awaited season 2 of 'Scream Queens' came and gone in the blink of an eye and while it hasn't reached the level of perfection that the first season was, it hasn't been bad at all.

First things first, season 2's first episode was amazing, letting us know what happened with the Chanels with a very on point docu-series of the Kappa murders with a 'Making a Murderer' docu style, the Chanels were found not guilty but disowned by their families and therefore, poor. And this season they had to make their way to the top again.

With season 2 taking place in a hospital the plot has been a bit if a disappointment compared to rumors of season 2 taking place in a Summer camp (that would had been awesome and there are rumors of that for season 3) and everything was not as bubbly, silly and so fitting for the Chanels as S1's sorority. And while the Green Meanie plot has been quite good in the last few eps with the reveal of Cassidy (Taylor Lautner) as the baby in the womb, and Kirstie Alley as nurse Hoffel and Grace's dad, Wes, looking for revenge, it's not been as hilarious as it used to be. Sure it had its great moments with characters like the fabulous Chanel-Pour-Homme (gone too soon just like Deaf Taylor Swift) or Chad Radwell's return (RIP), but i think the scene stealer has been again Hester aka Neckbrace (Lea Michele) with her delirious psycho mind. The Chanels have also been the best part of the season, as usual,  but sometimes they felt kinda like they didn't use their whole potential, but i would watch a show with these three no matter what. John Stamos and Taylor Lautner have also been great additions and having more random Chanels was fun too.

What i liked a lot about the plot is how they linked it to season 1 with nurse Hoffle being Mrs. Bean's sister, as noone saw that coming, and Wes returning looking to avenge his daughter Grace, who has gone bananas after the Kappa murders, and that gives us a clue for the Red Devil that appears right before the episode ends, that it could be Grace. That would be a really good plot for Season 3 as she's the only one who wants to kill the Chanels now and if it took place in another setting it would be better. The only bad thing is that the actress that plays Grace (Skyler Samuels) was so bland but maybe she's better playing a mean character.

Anyway, i'm mentally preparing myself for the cancellation of the show, because it doesn't look like it will be renewed but i really hope so. I think three seasons would be enough to wrap the show and i have faith in Ryan Murphy giving it life again as he has done with 'American Horror Story' this year. We won't know the fate of our Chanels until next year so in the meantime let's enjoy some of the best moments this irregular but not bad second season has had, as always, after the cut idiot hookers.


30 years of 'Labyrinth' (1986)

30 years of my favorite film when i was a child. Oh, how i adored it back then and how, still to this day, i do. Because the movie doesn't feel old, it doesn't look old or outdated like it happens sometimes to old films with the passing of time but it hasn't affected it one bit. That's when you know it's a classic because the movie is pretty much ageless.

Being like 7or 8 when i first saw it, i'm guessing on TV or someone rented the vhs, Jim Henson's movie always fascinated me. It's a fantasy tale about a young girl (Jennifer Connelly) who over fantasies with everything and doesn't want to grow up, but she's forced to do so when the Goblin King (David Bowie) takes her baby brother and she has to face the fantasy world she always dreamed about, only to find it not so appealing then. Thinking about it, it's like when you start to realise things in your teens, and you leave your most childish part behind. It's not something pretty but is still a process. And while everything in the movie seems to be a dream in the end, i think it really wants to represent that, growing up and leaving fairy tales behind. But as the movie shows in the end, you can become an adult and still reminish about the things you liked most when you were a kid, but living in the real adult world.

This movie is so dear to me and i want to keep the magic behind it so much, that even having the special dvd feature i never watched the making of in order not to see how the puppets were done or who was behind (or inside) Hoggle, and therefore always watch it with the eyes of a child. And as dear that this movie is to me, next week i will be able to watch it for the first time ever on the cinema, and i'm thrilled about. Absolutely thrilled. And it's even going to be more special since it's gonna be the first time i watch it since Bowie's death at the beginning of the year and that will be sad. His voice has been present in my life that early in my life and through this movie was when i first listened to him so it's gonna be bittersweet because we lost a great voice and a great artist.

Anyway, as usual, i'm posting a bunch of my fave stills of the movie behind the cut and also some vids of some of the music scenes with fantastic songs by David Bowie like the magical 'As the World Falls Down', the heartbreaking 'Within You' or the coolest dance song 'Magic Dance'. This film makes me feel like a child again so i can't wait to watch it on the big screen and enjoy it as a little girl. I'm sure i will.