'Skam' Season 4 & series' finale

This season of 'Skam' centered on Sana has been... great! Many were complaining about the show's last season not being focused on Vilde, but i think they did the right choice. Not only was Sana the most interesting character to focus on but also there was more to her story than everyone else. And i'm glad they did.

For a starters, Sana had always been this badass girl who stood strong for her beliefs and wasn't afraid to do so under any circumstances and in Season 4 we had seen a deconstruction of all that. She had trouble with her faith and not being normal as her Norwegian friends, and she struggle between being with them despite being different. When i mean, being different, i mean that she had another religious belief and she had to keep being faithful to that. And what we've seen is a lesson of tolerance and how anyone with any beliefs or sexual orientation can be and should be leading a normal life. Just like any other human being because why wouldn't they? In 'Skam' not only did they dig into LGTB rights but also on the terrible misconception that all Muslims are terrorists, which is something awful. And by showing us precisely how life is, they had accomplished a great thing with the show. Not that it changed my perspective on Muslims or whatever, but i'm sure it made a lot of people think about it.

Aside from the religious topic, the plot has also been great. From the buss russ and all the drama with the fake social media accounts, to Sana's infatuation with Yousef, to the reinforcement of some friendships and the strong bond that the girls share, it's been a pleasure to watch. And while it's sad to think that we won't be seeing or Norwegian friends anymore, i think it was right to end it, right before it lost its magical touch. And with that final minute with the speech written to Sana and showing the many comments with the positive response that the show has received it was the perfect brooch to end such a marvelous thing.

'Skam' is definitely among my favorite series list now and i'm definitely doing a top 10 of the best teen shows ever, because this one will rank high. In the meantime, let's remember how precious this season was with some moments and scenes that the show had. After the cut! Hade!


Coppola, Dunst & Fanning for the Dazed Summer Issue

'The Beguiled' ladies, director Sofia Coppola and actresses Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning, are gracing the three covers of the Dazed Magazine Summer 2017 issue, and the three different photoshoots are great.

I'm loving all the promo from 'The Beguiled' because i love the cast and director so much that i can't help but to post these three editorials. There are many more pics at the source below so be sure to check them out. Sofia's latest film opened in the US last weekend and it's getting such a positive response worldwide that i can't wait to watch it (i'll have to wait until August 18th). In the meantime at least i get to see pretty shoots like these, so see them all behind the cut!


Lorde's 'Melodrama'

Now this was an unexpected surprise. When Lorde first came out with her debut album 'Pure Heroine', i didn't like it at all. Like, i listened to it but i didn't dig it and didn't understand why everyone loved it so much. But well to each his own as everyone has their own taste. So, when she released her second album titled 'Melodrama' and released 'Green Light' as the first single, things were different. Because the song is an instant hit and you've got to be crazy not to like it. But despite that, after listening to the sophomore album now i can say that i like Lorde.

The album has a more accessible sound still maintaining her signature style, but everything works out perfectly. The songs make you want to dance while the powerful lyrics hit you hard and all that makes for a perfect album that i can't stop listening now, as surprised as i am. Catchy like fire songs like 'Supercut' or 'Homemade Dynamite', 'Sober', 'Louvre', 'Hard Feelings/Loveless' and so on, there's no bad song in the album. So, below are my fave tracks from 'Melodrama', which i already mentioned but they're really going to be the soundtrack of my Summer. Enjoy!

sources: spotify


American Crime Story: The assassination of Gianni Versace

My God this looks good. This looks better than good, it looks amazing. After Ryan Murphy's first season of 'American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson', it was announced that the following season would center on Katrina, and the third one on the murder of designer Gianni Versace, but the second season didn't sound that good. But luckily, Murphy changed his mind and is giving us first the Versace story because it sounds juicy as hell.

When in 1997 Gianni Versace was murdered it shocked not only the fashion industry but also the rest of the world because it was all so shocking. I don't want to dig into the story because i remember little and i don't want to get spoiled in order to watch the series, but sure the story is going to be interesting and by looking at these new and exclusive photos of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, how could you not be excited?

Edgar Ramirez  portrays the iconic designer, while Penélope Cruz plays his sister Donatella and damn she looks great for the part. When Murphy first announced this project, everyone thought he was going to cast Lady Gaga for this role, because she looks so perfect for it, but Penélope simply nails it. Other cast includes Ricky Martin as the designer's lover and Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan and they all look  like beyond amazing casting choices.

'The Assassination of Gianni Versace' will air in early 2018 so we'll have to wait a lot to watch it but if it looks this great the wait will be worth. In the meantime enjoy these photos and check out some stills at the source.

sources: ew


Nicole Kidman turns 50

 Nicole Mary Kidman graciously turned 50 yesterday and i had to make a post honoring her as she's one of our greatest actresses out there. She's having one hell of a year with big successes like 'Big Little Lies' which is already making her earning nominations, Sofia Coppola's 'The Beguiled' that has received such excellent critics from the media and from the audiences and the upcoming 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, that has already gotten so much praise.

Kidman is an actress that is not afraid to take risks and has embarked herself in such diverse projects no matter the budget or her paycheck, like Lars Von Trier's 'Dogville' or the unconventional and yet so brilliant film 'Birth'. And it seems she's not going to stop anytime soon as she seems to get better and better with years.

I already had made my 10 Fave Nicole Kidman movies before, so now i'm treating you with a few of her latest photoshoots, starting with Glamour UK Magazine July issue where she looks young and hip, to her beautiful 'Moulin Rouge' reunion with Ewan McGregor in Variety Magazine and finally being a part of The Hollywood Reporter's Drama Actress Roundtable where she poses with her 'Big Little Lies' co-star Reese Witherspoon, and other beautiful talented women. Enjoy after the cut!


Orange is The New Black (Season 5)

This season of OITNB has been A-MA-ZING, surprisingly amazing. And after that cliffhanger at the end of Season 4, shit just got real.

At first, i thought the riot at Litchfield was only going to last a few episodes but it really took the whole season and there aren't any complains about that. Because after watching season after season where the main plot of the show was basically they talking to each other or hooking up, the show really needed something drastic and they totally pulled it off this time. Sure there was that season where they were all transfered somewhere else or the first season where everything really was on point but with Season 5 they totally nailed it. So, let's dig into what happened on this glorious season:

First things first, Taystee owned this season. The death of Poussey has obviously been  very present and she really made things to honor her friend. She nearly succeced and she didn't blend when all her demands to enhance their life in prison were accepted because what was most important to her was to find justice for her best friend. She certainly made a wrong decision towards the end but she's not to blame.

Flaritza were as usual the best and funniest ones with their very own youtube channel where they obviously had million of views because, who wouldn't want to watch a reality show with them? They totally are the funniest thing on the show and the end for them was really emotional. From the exciting moment when they are taken outside and some fans are waiting for them to the heartbreaking part where they're separated and taken to different places, that was really tear jerking. Because Flaca and Maritza live in their own world and that makes them deal with prison a lot better, because they're true best friends, and now it's really going to be tough for them.

Piper and Alex did not completely suck this time, they were even tolerable and their ending, with Piper proposing to her, was even cute. But they work like this, in minimum doses. More than that is lethal for them.

Boo got to have a little romance in the middle of the riot, even though it was to Linda aka Amelia Von Barlow, Caputo's ex. She lost her friend Pennsatucky in the process which is sad, as she's completely in a wrong situation with her romance with the guard who used to be her rapist. That's totally fucked up and i don't care if they're playing house and he's trying to make things right now, he took advantage of her and she doesn't know better. Seriously, that storyline gives me the creeps.

Gloria's story this season has been pretty heartbreaking as well, as she really does everything in her hand to go and visit her son who's in a serious condition in the hospital, even if that means fucking up everyone's plans during the riot. Her ending scene, with her wanting to escape prison to go to the hospital and being unable to do so as the angry latinas blocked her exit, was devastating. On the contrary, Maria got the most beautiful moment with her being able to hug her daughter Pepa and see her man outside in the crowd.

Lorna and Nicky got their thing going on, as usual, hooking up and then Lorna blowing off her friend, but this time Lorna la Loca turns out to be pregnant and not only in her head, so good things are coming from her after Vinny finally steps up thanks to Nicky.

Red and Flores were all high and funny trying to take down Piscatella, which was great as we finally got to see more of Flores and she even got a makeover from Flaritza!

Leanne and Angie were also the absolute best, though they were really mean to Pennsatucky, though only for the Lichfield's Got Talent they make up for that. That was the funniest part ever, and the most tender moment was when Leanne saw her mom outside and she found out that she was still caring about her daughter.

Aside from the rest, it was also nice to see Frieda's past story and the bunker she got for her friends, Suzzane's story though was a bit boring, just like Dayanara's, Cindy and Janae were ok, Aleida was Aleaida, Brook was sad but it was expected, Sophia had nearly no plot, and it was nice to see Alison Abdullah's past story.

The guards were also a very funny part, from the one who stripped his clothes down while TLC's 'Red Light Special' was sounding -and he also fingered Leanne, to Luschek who's always funny and cool, to the rest. Even Caputo and Figerola were tolerable and very on point.

Absolutely everything was on point, and i think we can say that Season 5 has been the best season after S1. I can't wait to see what happens to our inmates after the riot but we'll have to wait for next year. In the meantime, let's remember some of the best scenes and moments this perfect season had. After the cut!


Katy Perry's 'Witness'

Katy Perry released her latest album this week in the middle of some unfair controversy with Snake Swift releasing all her songs in all devices the same day Katy's album was out, which is really petty and shady from her. But well, 'Witness' was out and while it's not 'Teenage Dream' is not a bad album at all.

Truth is that i believe that Katy Hudson has really chosen wrong when it comes to releasing singles of the new album. Yes, 'Chained to the Rhythm' was all over the place, but i grew tired of it soon after it was released and 'Bon Apetit' is not a strong enough single despite the music video. I really think she should have released 'Swish Swish' earlier because it's an instant hit and pretty much any of the five first songs of the album are amazing. After those, the album is not bad but not impressive at all, kinda forgetable, so i think she needs to be releasing some of those songs, as she has done with 'Swish Swish' and make the most of those really catchy and great songs. From the strong tune 'Hey Hey Hey', to the 90s dance track 'Roulette', the super catchy 'Dejà Vu' or the album's title song 'Witness', any song could be a strong solid single.

Anyway, listen to 'Witness' here and check out my fave songs from it, they're really worth listening.

sources: spotifyweb

'The L World' reunion

What a pleasant surprise, the cast of 'The L World' has reunited for Entertainment Weekly Magazine and damn the ladies still look good.

The show, that had six seasons and ended in 2009, really made a difference out there as there were no lesbian centered series, and i have to admit that i loved it watching it despite my sexual orientation but that doesn't matter at all. Because in the end, it was a show about women and their struggles and while i haven't had to deal with my sexuality out in the world, you could understand and relate to many of the problems they went through.

The creator of the show and the cast would love to see the show back and i wouldn't mind watching another season, so we'll see what happens to the ladies but let's be honest, Kate Moening is still hot.

sources: ew


Phoenix's 'Ti Amo'

Phoenix are back with a new record that reminds me to the gloriousness that was their album 'Wolfgang Amadeus' was. Not that they haven't released other great stuff in the meantime, but they didn't deliver such a perfect record like they did back in 2009. But 'Ti Amo' seems to have them back to being fresh, charming and hip with an album full of songs where every track has really something. From the band's first single 'J-Boy' to the marvellous album track that gives the album its name, there's no bad song. And they always manage to elaborate catchy tunes without sounding too washed out or repetitive despite their signature sound.

Anyway, here are the five songs i loved most besides 'J-Boy' or 'Goodbye Soleil' that had already been released, but keep in mind that i practically adored the album from beginning to end so treat yourself and listen to the full album here.

sources: wearephoenix & spotify


Cartier's Panthère ad directed by Sofia Coppola

I know i'm posting a lot of Sofia Coppola things lately but how could i not when everything is so gorgeous? The latest coming from her is directing the new Cartier ad for the brand's reintroduction of the jewelry watch Panthère, and the result is, as always, exquisite.

In the ad featuring Aussie actress Courtney Eaton, who i've only seen in 'Mad Mad: Fury Road', we can see how Coppola directs the relaunch of the 1980s' watch by fitting it into modern times with a lot of elegance and style, and it really works out. The advert is gorgeous and with a lot of taste, the music is very on point considering how it's a deluxe accessory from the 80s, and Courtney Eaton looks perfect while doing so.

So, enjoy the clip and a few more stills of the advert below.