Leighton Meester & Madelaine Petsch for Bello Magazine

Two fine young actresses, Leighton Meester and Madelaine Petsch, have been on the cover of Bello Magazine (Leighton on the May issue and Madelaine on March) and both ladies are so gorgeous i had to post them here.

Leighton is a personal favorite of mine ever since she was on 'Gossip Girl' and i don't understand how she was the most brilliant thing on the show and still her career didn't really took off. I mean, she has been in a lot of indie projects and has been working non-stop but her co-star Blake Lively is the one who's getting bigger parts. I'm guessing Leighton doesn't really care about her star status and she also has her music career going on, but it's sad that they didn't offer her a better show than 'Making History', which has already been cancelled.

When it comes to Madelaine she has just started and just like Leighton, i already think she's the best thing on the show. We'll see what the future holds for these two starlets but in the meantime let's enjoy the pretty on Bello Mag (more at the source!)

sources: bellomagazine


Season Finales Recap Time!

Grey's Anatomy (Season 13) - This season of 'Grey's' has been a little... uninteresting? Like, don't get me wrong, i love the show and i don't care if nothing at all happens but this particular season hasn't had anything special that kept you attached like all the other ones. Even the finale was a bit off, like they tried to make this super tragic event at the hospital but i just wasn't feeling it. I'm going to still watch no matter what but we've got to admit it's slowly decaying when it used to be so great and had the best seasons finales ever. Let's hope Season 14 brings us a bit more back to that.

Riverdale (Season 1) -  The season finale of CW's 'Riverdale' was last week and it was surprisingly quite good but we've got to admit something: it's not what it used to be. When the show first aired, it looked soo good, like it seemed like it had so much potential and we were infront of the next best thing. But soon after the first few episodes, it wasn't as good and it became another teen show. I still like it and i'm still going to watch it but i felt they should have focused on the good, juicy and incestuous stuff like the Blossoms and go deep into that. But well, it was all about Betty and Archie and while everything was nice, it felt like it could had been all better. I was glad to see Luke Perry on it, though i don't think we'll see much from him in S2, and the young cast is quite great so let's hope it will surprise us with the second season.

Girlboss (Season 1) - I started watching 'Girlboss' because i had no shows left to watch and everyone was talking about it on my TL so i had to but at first, like everyone else, i kinda hate-watched it because the protagonist is so annoying. Like so annoying. But we've got to admit it depics the 00s quite well, showing important moments in history like the death of Marissa Cooper in 'The OC' and it perfectly shows the use of internet back then, at the beginning of it all. It's only after the mom's episode when you start to understand Sophia a bit more and tolerate her. The cheating incident also makes you feel for her, though i don't understand how she doesn't rip his head off. Anyway, the thing is that i want to watch more now and Season 2 seems to be a sure thing though there's nothing official yet.

New Girl (Season 6) - This show is always ok, like i always watch a few episodes in a row when i don't have anything else, and i always like it, but we all believed this was going to be its finale season. Jake Johnson himself even said so, so imagine the surprise when it was announced that it got renewed for a final season. I honestly think the ending of S6 was so perfect that it didn't need another season but maybe they will surprise us. But i'll keep on watching because if anything, they're they true soft version of 'Friends', and don't tell me that was 'Big Bang Theory' because it has been proven that it wasn't, so deal with it.

sources: moviefone, girlfriend & jezebel


POP Bluebell by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is back with another fresh fragance and of course she has her POP girls back. Grimes, Lourdes Leon, Kenya Kinski-Jones and Amandla Stenberg are back for the POP Bluebell fragance looking as chic as ever.

This time instead of a pink colored theme it's all lilac, and i'm hoping another gorgeous ad video it's coming out soon, because the POP Now advert was totally cool and pretty in pink. Also, the four girls really make a great team for this campaign so i'm glad to see them all back together (though it's obvious these are old pics taken during the first ad).

Anyway, enjoy these beauty portraits of these girls and if more promos come out i will definitely post them.

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Elle Fanning on the cover of Vogue US June issue

Elle Fanning has just turned 19 and here she is already gracing the cover of Vogue US, and what a beautiful cover that is.

Photographed by the iconic Annie Leibovitz, Fanning sizzles in this shoot and is referred as a 'A star in bloom', and even though we have been watching her in movies since she was 3 years old, she has been blossoming ever since, and we have a lot more coming from her to see. It's difficult for someone to make a name of herself after being known as 'Dakota Fanning's sister', but while Dakota is still managing leave behind her child actress status, her younger sister has done it with flying colors and she only gets better and better. From 'Phoebe in Wonderland' to 'The Neon Demon' she already has an amazing career on her shoulders, and she ain't even 20!

Check out this beautiful photoshoot below, and a few more gorgeous pic at the source.

sources: vogue

'Woodshock' trailer starring Kirsten Dunst

'Woodshock' trailer has been released and i really had no idea about this project at all. It turns out that sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the designers behind Rodarte, are making their directorial film debut with this trippy story and i think after watching the trailer, it's gotten everyone's attention.

The movie is about a woman (Dunst) who falls into paranoia after taking a deadly drug, so the trailer is full of dreamy images and creepy places where the main character finds herself. It's really haunting, like a mix of 'Melancholia' and 'Martha Marcy May Marlene', and the photography looks delicious so i have high hopes for this film. Indie queen Kirsten Dunst has been friends with the Mulleavy sisters for years now so this collaboration is really interesting and Dunst always has a good eye when choosing projects so i can't wait for this now. And the Mulleavy sisters seem to be following another designer's footsteps into filmaking (as Tom Ford has already done) so if the result is as exquisite as his, i'm going to love it.

The movie opens on September 15 so watch the hypnotic trailer, and some stills of the film, below!


Brad Pitt in the Summer 2017 issue of GQ Style

It's hard to imagine that Brad Pitt is actually 53 years old, but he is. Having growing up watching his movies during my teens (i only went to the cinema to watch his films on the big screen) we have also seen him grow up as an actor, and he only got better.

Having some personal issues right now, battling addiction and going through a very public divorce, he's opening about it on the Summer 2017 Issue of GQ and as always he sounds real and honest. He's always kept a low profile despite his much public love life, so it's pretty obvious that he's at his best right now but i'm sure he'll bounce back.

After the cut you can see this very great GQ photoshoot by Ryan Mcginley because some eye candy never hurts and you can check out more pics and read the interview at the source. Enjoy!


'13 Reasons Why' (2017)

I was about not to do any '13 Reasons Why' review because at this point, it was a bit late as everyone had already seen it some time ago. But if there's something that doesn't get old, is the show's controversy so i'm here to talk about it.

First i have to say that i actually liked this show a lot. Not that it's now one of my fave tv series but i enjoyed binge-watching the hell out of it a lot and i think the strings were very well tied to each other so no complaints about that. But what people seems to be pissed off about, among many other things that i will discuss later, is the motives behind Hannah Baker's suicide. Even after having watched the whole season. Truth is, the character sometimes comes out as dumb or even desperate for attention but i don't think we can't question her 13 reasons why she commits suicide. Maybe we can argue that she shouldn't have included Clay Jensen in the tapes, because he actually did nothing wrong, he only ignored her according to her. Though, in that case, we have to admit that at that age, or at practically at any age, it's easy for someone to crush your feelings that easily after having the picture on your head of a love that will solve all your problems.

But anyway, getting to the bottom of things, Hannah Baker might be stupid, but she had a few solid reasons to kill herself. She was humiliated in school, betrayed by friends, molested, felt isolated by everyone, slapped in the face, raped... and those reasons aren't enough? I don't think any single one of the people bashing the show would really move on from things easily like that as they claim. The problem i see here is that the show fails to show Hannah being really depressed. She is sad at times, but not in a low state of emotions. She never gives any sign to her parents, despite living with her at home, or to anyone, only towards the end, to the school's counselor. And yes, i remember the poem but even then, she didn't look like someone who was depressed. Maybe i'm getting into things i don't know about, but i didn't feel like she was miserable all the time, though i could understand her ending her life. But the bottom line of this is that, things affects us differently, and what might seem silly for many means the whole entire world to a single person so i don't think anyone can discuss that.

The other thing that people criticize a lot is the effect of the show on teenager's today. That concern i can understand, because teens tend to mimic what they see and use it to prove themselves despite being wrong. In one hand, there's the suicide part and i guess we all agree that, though as i said, i can understand why she does it, in the end that should never be the solution to any problem. She was just young and stupid and didn't know better or had anyone helping her. But for people at that age, who are so full of emotions and insecurities, the show shouldn't be an example of how to resolve things like that, whereas it should be a warning of how our actions can affect others. It should serve to all those bullies to consider their shenanigans and leave people alone but we all know that mean kids will still be mean kids no matter a stupid show. It's sad like that but this won't change anyone's behavior in that case. Also, what is not a healthy thing either is Hannah's cry for attention after she died. Yes, the tapes are a great plot for the show but in real life, that would be demolishing. No one should ever leave that kind of message behind, only the usually goodbye note, but nothing that elaborated. In the series it served Hannah to get her revenge but those plans are evil and noone should take her example. And as we're talking about teenagers, many can be easily impressed by that and try to imitate her in real life, which would be horrendous. So that's why i think the show could be damaging for people young age, there's no doubt about that.

Overall, these are the things that people complain about and i get frustrated but i guess everyone has their own view of things and it's easy to criticize the show. But it's not a bad show at all and the young cast was also great, a lot of talent there. There are rumors of a possible second season and i don't know if it would be a good idea but we would get answers on Alex being shot at the end, though it seems that it was Tyler as he has plans, after buying a gun, to kill everyone in the tapes and he started from the beginning, as Alex was in the first one. We'll see if they give it a second season but i would definitely watch it.


'Love Actually 2: Red Nose Day'

(Spoilers, actually)
I was completely unaware that the shortfilm special of 'Love Actually: Red Nose Day, actually' had already been released because i thought it was coming out later this month (it came out in March, actually). But anyway, the charity mini-sequel is online for everyone to see and it's actually the cutest thing.

In the 15 minute clip, we get to see how some couples are still pretty much together and it all starts reenacting one of the movie's cutest scenes with Keira Knightley's character, among many other iconic scenes, like Hugh Grant dancing, also have a spot. We see how Colin Firth and his Portuguese lady are still going strong and how Liam Neeson's role is still forever alone, but in the company of his son who just got engaged to his childhood's sweetheart, which is cute. Or a hilarious scene with good old Mr. Bean being pretty much himself. Everything is kinda good spirited and makes you keep a smile all the time just like the movie did, so i liked that.

So, better late than never, watch the super tender, lovely, and Christmas-y clip below!

sources: ew & vimeo


2017 MET Costume Institute Gala 'Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between'

The MET Gala night is always one of my favorite nights of the year because i always wake up to see all the pretty dresses and the stars shining on the red carpet. Truth is, that the past few years, the looks haven't been as fabulous as once were, but this year's theme was edgy and risky so the expectations were high. And, while the designer on whom they inspired the theme is quite abstract, some have followed the theme and others have totally ignored. As always. Sadly there had been some major absences like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirsten Dunst or Nicole Kidman, but after the cut i've posted all the interesting looks the Met Ball has given us this year. But i think there's no argument on Best Dressed as Rihanna was the absolute queen. Totally mesmerizing.

Rihanna was on absolute point dressing Comme des Garçons and was totally stunning. She risked and this year she totally slayed. A queen.

Tracee Ellis Ross was also dressing Comme des Garçons and was exquisite, elegant and followed the theme, and the colour of the gown looked gorgeous on her.

I adored Mary Kate's and Ashley Olsen's looks, i couldn't find what are they dressing but i bet is any of their lines, like The Row, but they looked like Renaissance nymphs. 


Music Monday (Phoenix, Lana del Rey, Texas, HAIM, Take That, Burak Yeter & Extreme Music)

It's been a while since i did my last Music Monday post, but there are a few new songs out there that sound so good i had to post them. Maybe you had already heard them some time ago but i don't care because they're new to me. So, here are some of the tracks that i loved lately. Enjoy!

Phoenix - J-Boy
Ever since i heard the very first seconds of this song, i adored it. There's something about the French band Phoenix, they simply sound so chic, and so cool and catchy. I can't say that i've liked everything that they've done but when i like a song from them, i love it. 'Wolfgang Amadeus' is a perfect album for me so i'm hoping they definitely go in that direction because 'Bankrupt!' was just fine. In the meantime, enjoy this new single that simply sounds fab.

Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd - Lust for Life
Lana del Rey is back and after the extraordinary first single 'Love', she releases this collab song with The Weeknd that is simply fantastic. Between the hypnotic voice of Lana and the melodic music it creates a whole dreamy vibe that i love. High hopes for this new album from her.

Texas - Let's Work It Out
Texas are back and i didn't even know, i've just found out. And i always like Sharleen Spiteri's music because it sounds so chill and laid back and cool. The lyrics are amazing too and it's like they take it easy but always doing a good result. So, here's some new great music from them.

HAIM - Right Now
The girls of HAIM are back and they're giving us a taste of what's coming. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, they released this one single take vid of them at the studio and the new material sounds amazing. Their first album was a fantastic breeze of air and they sound powerful that we'll have to wait a bit for their new stuff.

Take That - Giants
They've done it again. The ultimate 90s boyband have released another instant hit single that took me only one listen to adore. They always deliver and never get old no matter what. Loves it.

Burak Yeter - Tuesday feat, Danelle Sandoval
I discovered this catchy song from someone in social media, so i don't know much about the singers involved but i know it sounds dead good. If you don't know it, you're gonna love it.

Extreme Music - Truth & Lies
And keeping up with dance music, here's the latest track from Extreme who have quite a few hits in the matter. Enjoy and dance, dance!

sources: youtube