The Kardashian Decade

 The whole Kardashian-Jenner gang grace the cover of The Hollywood Reporter to celebrate their 10-year anniversary in the spotlight. Love or hate them, one can't deny their impact on the media, they have owned this past 10 years and it's amazing to believe that all of this started out after a sex tape.

A decade ago, i already knew who Kim Kardashian was because she was Paris Hilton's shadow alongside with Caroline D'amore. The heiress went with them everywhere but she was the only star, the other two girls were only like an accessory to carry around. So when the news came out that Kim also had a sex tape leaked (just like Paris had when she was 19 and that led her to stardom), things were fishy. It is unclear whether the Kardashian clan leaked the tape themselves to follow Hilton's success, though in the show one can see the real struggle Kim suffered with it, but let me say it was all too convenient for them. But there's no point in discussing that now because if they're famous, it's by their own merit.

 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' is simply a sure win. It's the perfect reality show because you've got in one family so many personalities, so many stories going on that it can never be boring. They are also fantastic to watch because sisters like Kourtney and Khloe are loaded with charisma, Kendall and Kylie are the next best thing coming (in fact, Kylie has inherited Kim's crown) and Kim's life, despite her bland personality, is always interesting. So i think the show will go on for as long as they want.

The 14th season of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' will air on October but in the meantime check out the rest of the photoshoot at the source.

source: thehollywoodreporter


Kesha's 'Rainbow'

Kesha has finally released her new album, after some legal and very disgusting troubles she encountered, and the result can fully be reflected in 'Rainbow'. And i'm telling you as someone who¡s never listened to a full Kesha album, it's something worth giving a try.

'Rainbow' has old classic Kesha hits that are instant favorites like 'Let 'Em Talk' mixed with cheeky and fun songs like 'Boots' but also really powerful tracks like 'Praying' (best song of the whole album for me–that high note at the end!!) or 'Hymn', both songs heavily loaded with heartfelt lyrics. 'Learn To Let Go' is also another song where you can see how all those troubles made Kesha grow up and accept herself despite the haters bashing her looks. The cover, i think, it's no coincidence, as she was mocked online after some paparazzi pics came online and everyone called her fat. This cover, and basically the whole entire album, is Kesha screaming out loud to the haters that she doesn't care anymore, that she has returned from hell better than ever and encourages those who are living a nightmare to stay strong because you can always get out of that as triumphal as she has done. Kesha has always been an outcast so this is her ode to all those who have been in her place and she does it brilliantly. Truth is that are a few songs that i really didn't like but overall i think it's a decent album.

Glad to hear you back Kesha. Listen to 'Rainbow' here and to my faves below.

sources: spotify


Kirsten Dunst in Nylon Magazine

Kirsten Dunst graces the cover of Nylon Magazine's September Issue, and while the photo above is the inside cover of The Fashion Issue, i liked this one better because she's laying on the grass, dressed in a white lace dress like the Virgin Suicide that she is.

Nylon photoshoots are always great and this time Thomas Whiteside is behind the lens to capture Dunst and i liked the pics a lot but mainly because i've always liked Kiki and always have followed anything she does. From a very early age (she's a year younger than me) i've been following her career and she has chosen quite wisely her roles; from 'Interview with a Vampire' to personal favorites of mine like 'Little Women', 'The Virgin Suicides' or 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', to more adult roles like 'Melancholia' or 'Marie Antoinette' she didn't have the curse of the child actor. And now with the upcoming and trippy 'Woodshock', 'The Beguiled' (which i'm finally seeing next week) and starring on the TV Movie 'On Becoming a God in Central Park' with Yorgos Lanthimos, one of the most interesting directors right now, her star doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon.

So, while we wait for all those amazing projects, check out Kiki D. on Nylon mag, the rest after the cut!


Gucci Bloom

 The new ad campaign for Gucci Bloom, the brand's first ever women's scent of the label, is finally out and the result is something completely gorgeous.

The campaign has actress Dakota Johnson, model Hari Nef and photographer Petra Collins as the faces of the delicious new ads, and everything is absolutely gorgeous. Photographed by Glen Luchford, the bizarre trio pose in what it seems a modern day version of the 'Secret Garden' while they dress ethereal floral dresses from the exquisite Gucci collection and wander around without a care in the world in the perfume's ad. And if that wasn't beautiful enough for our eyes, they turned Times' Square, with the help of Harper's Bazaar and the presence of and the company of Gucci's designer behind the brand, Alessando Michele, into their own special secret garden to promote it, and what we can see in the video is really a blossoming experience. Not only the photos and the ads are gorgeous enough but the whole setting in the middle of a big city like New York is something beyond dreamy.

Watch the ad campaing vid and the Times' Square "garden" in the two vids below and some more pics after the cut. It's really something more than pretty.


'Polina' trailer

I simply adore anything related to the ballet world, from brilliant movies like 'Black Swan' or lesser ones like 'Center Stage' or 'Save the Last Dance', to tv shows as good as 'Flesh and Bone'. So the news of a new movie about this beautiful and dark world are always interesting news.

Shot in Russia, Belgium and France, the movie centers Polina's journey to become a ballerina, from growing up and learning ballet in a very strict academy when she was a little girl to her turned into a young woman and deciding to take another path in the dance world. Obviously, the trailer reveals quite a lot but i'll want to watch it anyway. Mostly because, contrary to 'Black Swan', here we get a real life ballerina, Anastasia Shevtsova, and it also stars Juliette Binoche as a dance teacher.

Let's hope that it doesn't take too long to ope worldwide but in the meantime watch the trailer below.


Cecy Young for Lula Magazine Issue 24

The magazine editorials of Lula Magazine are always something else, something really gorgeous that stands out and for the Issue 24 of the magazine, there's a really pretty photoshoot.

29-year-old Mexican photographer Cecy Young captures a group of young girls getting ready to take their first Communion, and the result is a mix of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' and 'The Virgin Suicides' that i (obviously) really loved. There's no need to say that the photos really give some intense Sofia Coppola vibes and there's nothing wrong about that because it means that the shoot is really dreamy, very feminine and it has a little ghostly atmosphere. And all those things i simply love. Enjoy this very pretty shoot and keep an eye for this young photographer because so far she's doing really interesting things. Check out all the pics after the cut!


The Museum of Ice Cream

Oh, this is a museum i would spend hours in. The Museum of Ice Cream has to be a really sensory experience which brings you back to your childhood and to your sweetest dreams. Who hasn't thought about a giant pool with candy where you can eat as many as you can? Well, there's a gorgeous sprinkle pool at the installation, though i think you can't eat them.

This gorgeous idea first started out in New York and now has opened in LA, four times bigger than the the original one, and it's been sold out for weeks now. And who wouldn't want to go? This is not only a place where you can be a kid again but the fun exhibits and the dreamy and colorful rooms make it for an instagram overdose of happiness. This must be such an amazing experience that i would love if they brought it in Europe though i doubt it. I would definitely go no matter the place because i would enjoy it a lot, and not only because of the many gorgeous instagrams i would take.

Behind the cut i posted a bunch of delish pics of this ode to ice cream that is really something else. I really envy anyone who's able to go.


Selena Gomez' 'Fetish' Music Video Directed by Petra Collins

Selena Gomez has released a new song which are not news to me because i don't really follow her music (no shade intended) but the music video is directed by Petra Collins, so there she got my attention.

As you know, i really follow and love Collins' work and lately it seems that these two are collaborating a lot, as Petra photographed Selenita for Wonderland Magazine, and they really seem to work things out pretty nicely and good. In the video, Selena sings about some old love that keeps coming back while she's desperate at home trying (i think) not to go back to him. From ripping her tights or tying up her tongue, to eating glass, soap, lipstick, whatever not to yearn for that love, for a kiss of that love, that tongue. She's so hot about it, she even gets into the cooler. The vid is full of really Petra Collins-esque images, and i always adore her style and signature photography, and the song is not bad at all, infact i have it on my mind ever since i watched the vid.

So enjoy this new Collins-Gomez collab and check out some pics the photographer took on set as well as come stills of the vid. After the cut!


Lana del Rey's 'Lust for Life'

Lana del Rey is back with, in my opinion, her best album since her debut 'Born To Die'. Her sophomore album 'Honeymoon' was alright too but i'm really loving 'Lust For Life' a lot. Truth is, it totally has Lana de Rey's signature's sound, but the lyrics, the melodic songs, have something else despite some tracks sounding exactly like she always does. And while 'Ultraviolence' was a little too dark for me, i think with her latest album she's back to her good old self.

Songs like 'Tomorrow Never Came', a beautiful heartfelt duet with Sean Ono Lennon that sounds exactly like a Beatles song and transports you to that era, or cool hip songs like 'Summer Bummer' feat. A$AP Rocky & Plaiboi Carti that makes it for the perfect Summer anthem, thing that she's such a mastermind for. And another thing she's perfect at is at writing heartbreak songs like 'White Mustang' with vocals where you can really feel her pain, just like in 'Cherry' or '13 Beaches', she's simply the heartbreak queen.

So, below i have added some of my fave songs from this really excellent album that i feel it's gonna be the soundtrack of the Summer, just like 'Born To Die' was so many Summers ago now. Enjoy.

sources: genius & spotify

Nicole Kidman by LOVE Magazine

Nicole Kidman is red hot on the cover of the LOVE Magazine #18 issue photographed by Carin Backoff and Sally Lyndley and she has just turned 50!

The photoshoot spread is simply fantastic, we get to see a fun and flirty Nicole that looks like time hasn't passed for her (despite the botox, which i think she has laid off a bit) and infact, she looks better than ever. And not only the photos are great but i think there's a little wink to this scene of 'To Die For', one of my fave Kidman films, where Nicole's character dances in the rain in a blue/lilac polka-dot dress, just like the one she wears in the pics before the cut, but i could be wrong and just be a mere coincidence.

 But well, as we wait for 'The Beguiled' (yeah, it hasn't opened here yet) and the many other interesting projects she has coming like, 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer', 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties' or 'Top of The Lake's Season 2, let's enjoy this gorgeous shoot of flirty and fun cowgirl Kidman. More after the cut!