Sugar for Sugar's 'Bizarre Love Triangle'

Remember the band The Singles? Scarlett Johansson's female band that released the super catchy hit song 'Candy'? Well, they had problems with copyright over the name and the band sort of faded away but now they're back – minus Este Haim which is totally a shame. They're recorded a charity single for amfAR that it's a cover of New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle' no less, and while this song has been covered a million times, it sounds really good.

The Singles was previously produced by TV on the Radio Dave Sitek so let's hope he's also on board in Sugar for Sugar along with Johansson, Holly Miranda, Julia Haltigan and Kendra Morris and that they released even more music material because i'm loving anything coming out of them so far.

Listen to 'Bizarre Love Triangle' below!


Tom Ford's 'Nocturnal Animals' trailer

The trailer of Tom Ford's second film 'Nocturnal Animals' has been released and little did i know about this project. I think i speak for everyone when absolutely everybody with exquisite taste was wowed with his debut feature 'A Single Man' starring Colin Firth. What a movie. Not only the photography was a beautiful moving portrait but the story, the acting, all those feelings were superb so now i'm really excited about this new movie.

While 'A Single Man' was more reflection and little action did happened (which was not bad at all), in 'Nocturnal Animals' we get a little more adrenaline than that by looking at the trailer and the story is intriguing so i already can't wait. Starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal this looks like a good old thriller with a bunch of secrets and mystery and again, the photography looks absolutely gorgeous and dark so i hope the story is as capturing as Ford's debut was. Watch the trailer below.

sources: gyllenhey

Kendall Jenner in Vogue Spain

Kendall Jenner scored her 5th Vogue cover this month proving that she's a solid model now, and why wouldn't she be? She's got all the perfect features for it. Of course, she's related to the Kardashians and is very much one but ever since we started seeing her in 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' at a very young age, you could tell she was made for it.

So, she's gorgeously posing for the September issue of Vogue Spain shot by Miguel Reveriego and playing ballerina, and that caused a very heated stir among dancers around just because she's not, and who really cares? It's not that she's claiming to be a ballerina or anything, any girl looking like that looks super pretty so people should just relax. I'm guessing as she's a Kardashian she's more keen to be criticized but this is stupid.

Anyway, i loved this shoot and she looks gorgeous on it, so check out some of my fave pics after the cut.


'Crisis in Six Scenes' trailer

Just the other day we got to see the first stills of 'Crisis in Six Scenes', Woody Allen's much awaited television project and now we're getting a trailer. And while it looks like good old Allen and that might sound like outdated or kinda repetitive, there's something about his work that never feels old. Because in here we get to see the typical Woody characters, like the Jewish uptight couple and their friends, a therapist, some outcast like Miley Cyrus' character and the usual comic tone that he's so praised about. And still, it looks fantastic and adorably familiar.

'Crisis in Six Scenes' will start streaming on Amazon on September 30 and i already can't wait so take a look at the trailer to get as excited as i did.

sources: rollingstone & youtube


The Neon Demon (2016)

I watched 'The Neon Demon' and for those who have already seen it, it's an hypnotical, macabre ride. It's like 'Suspiria' meets 'Black Swan' and there's nothing bad about it. But goes a little more the edge than those.

In 'The Neon Demon' we have Elle Fanning living her own Aronofsky's ballerina tale in the modelling world, and pretty soon, as she rises, things will turn dark fast. Jesse (Fanning) experiences the frivolous world that it's fashion but only on the surface, on what we can guess it's like. Inside it, it gets way more deep and swallowing, literally. She gets drunk on the beauty that she professes and soon that feeling eats her insides and hungers those around her. Everyone wants a taste of the fresh and young meat and everyone wants a piece of her. And she's aware, so she keeps it guarded, like her biggest treasure. But unluckily for her, hunger arises and the smell of her blood is intoxicating. So much that the thrive of inheriting her beauty becomes too real.

'The Neon Demon' not only makes Elle Fanning shine like the sun in a room full of winter, but also, the second rate models starring (Abbey Lee and Bella Heathcote) and a friendly make up artist (Jena Malone) stand up as well. They're all immersed in Nicholas Winding Refn's hypnotic vision of the fashion industry in a sequence of shots where images become electric and music is part of the non speaking dialogue. It's like Refn has made his own remake of 'Showgirls' but with references from Kubrick, Cronenberg and Lynch all mixed up. And while the result of all that is difficult to digest (there are like two scenes that are really uncomfortable to watch and you can't even deal), the result keeps playing in your head for days. Is one of those movies that you don't know what to think of it after watching it, or whether you liked it or not, but as days follow by, you know you've seen something great and definitely not for everyone. This kinda reminds me to the love or hate that 'Only God Forgives' provoked and i think it's gonna have the same outcome even though i feel more people will hate it even though those who liked it will adore it. I'm on that last team.

After the cut there are some stills that i loved from the movie, so check them out. Go watch 'The Neon Demon' now, it's everything.


Madonna by Mert Alas for LOVE Magazine

Madonna gracefully turned 58 last month, and as the Queen of pop that she is i always like to do something for her bday but this year i wanted to wait until the LOVE spread by Mert Alas was fully released so here it is.

The photoshoot shows Madonna with no make up on and being her usual awkward, fun and silly, but the pics are really great and, i'm sorry, i think she looks damn great in most of them. Also, her son Rocco Ritchie is making his modelling debut with this spread and he looks all grown up and really good, so another talent in the family.

Enjoy some of the pics that i liked best from the shoot after the cut and the full spread at the source.


'Crisis in Six Scenes'

 Woody Allen is coming to TV with a very mysterious secret project that we finally now get to know some details and even see some stills.

The six-episode half hour comedy is set in the 1960s where a few conservative suburban New Yorkers are being challenged by a young hippie, played by none other than Miley Cyrus. The series is going to have a humorous tone and will only have one season, so in case it's good old Woody Allen we won't have a second season. Other cast includes Elaine May, John Magaro and Rachel Brosnahan, and the show premieres on September 30 on Amazon.

While i lost track of Allen's latest films (i think the last one i watched from him was the excellent 'Blue Jasmine') i have to catch up with his latest projects one day, but i'm excited about him directing a tv show. I will definitely will watch 'Crisis in Six Scenes', and i already expect a lot.

sources: EW


Lonely ad campaign

The photo above could be a still from the upcoming season of 'Girls HBO' but it isn't. It's actually part of the Lonely ad campaign, a lingerie brand based in New Zealand which photos are unretouched and want to show women as naturally as they are:

"Each of the women who participate in this project... are part of a conversation that disrupts paradigms around the way lingerie is typically presented. Giving a glimpse into their worlds, we hope, amplifies this conversation and make us all feel a little more liberated and comfortable in our own underwear."

Both Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke are part of this amazing project and it makes all the sense of the world because both, in the show as well as in their personal lives, promote a image of real women without caring about their imperfections or that they're not skinny enough, and that's a great message to send out there. Photographer Petra Collins also participates in one of the ads (after the cut) so take a look at some of the ones i liked best in this very refreshing campaign that only wants us to feel good in our own skin. (Might be NSFW)


Britney Spears' 'Glory'

Britney's back with a brand new album and i think it's been quite a surprise for all. I don't think i've listened to a full Britney Spears album ever since 'Oops! I Did It Again' and that was on 2000 so you can figure out i was not following her career, only listened to a few singles there and there. But with 'Glory' i think she's fully back on track, she's better than she has been in years and it feels like she's in a very good place now so everything works.

Apart from the single 'Make Me' which is a nice song to start, there are a few other tracks that really stand out; i think everyone's favorite 'Do You Wanna Comer Over' should be her next single because it might be the album's best song, while songs like 'Just Luv Me', 'Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)' or 'Better' are equally good choices for future singles because they are so catchy and cool that you keep singing them in your head. And other songs that are growing on me by the day are 'If I'm Dancing' and 'Slumber Party' so you can tell this is not like the average pop album that has only three good songs and the rest are forgettable tracks, so it makes it for a really decent pop album.

It's Britney bitch and she's really back this time so let's enjoy her 'Glory' because it's really worth it.

sources: bs & spotifyweb


Emotion Side B

After the gem that was 'Emotion',  last year's perfect pop album that was incredibly underrated, Carly Rae Jepsen is treating us with this 'Emotion Side B' album that i couldn't be more excited about. Because in 'Emotion' we found a mix of 80s music with a lot of freshness that turned out to be one of the best music records from 2015. So the more we get from it, the better.

Now with 'Emotion Side B' we find a bunch of catchy songs that could have perfectly be included in the original album and it's equally fantastic, because we aren't missing anything. Songs like 'Higher', 'First Time' and 'Cry' evokes us to our early teenage years and make us feel young and bubbly again and it feels like they could be included in any John Hughes' movie soundtrack because it would fit perfectly. That's the Carly Rae Jepsen magic, the discreet pop star that is more focused on the music than on her image, and maybe that's why she's not more popular, but she really doesn't need any famous girl squad for her music to stand out. Listen to 'Emotion Side B' below.