From best show ever to cancel it already, the rise and fall of 'Gossip Girl'.


Remember when 6 years ago 'Gossip Girl' aired and everyone and absolutely everybody loved the show and it was the best thing on TV ever? Well, that didn't last long because after the first season or so (some say after the 2nd), this show turned into a hot mess... and i have to admit i couldn't quit on watching! After the (disastrous/hilarious) show finale and the reveal of who's Gossip Girl, it's time to take a look back and see what were the best and worst things about the show, my guiltiest pleasure, 8 words, 3 letters... whatever, here it is:

The first season - It was perfect from beginning to end, highschool royalty, the minions, Gossip Girl's blasts, the plot twists, OMFG moments, everything was on point and it got you attached to it like a drug. This show had so much potential it's amazing to see how it ended now. And re-watching it now, knowing that Dan was Gossip Girl all the time isn't helping, but i will discuss that later...

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Dair - that is, Dan and Blair. i was really skeptical at first rolling my eyes at this possible pairing but little by little, it started to make sense that Dan Humphrey was in love with Blair from the start and it made you wanna rewatch the whole show to see it with that point of view. But thank you writers for ruining that with season 6, and with the Gossip Girl identity reveal, what was the point of bringing them together if they ended up pretending like it never happened? I never shipped a pairing so hard ever since Mulder and Scully or agent Cooper and Audrey Horne, and one got to admit that Dan and Blair together brought so much life to the show, a breath of fresh air, a couple that stimulated each other intellectually and brought the best of each other, aka a healthy relationship. They were precious and they ruined the best thing the show had in the past years.

Blair Waldorf - Such a flawless character until last season (or season 5's finale to be more precise). It was clear from the start of the show that they were going to pull a 'The OC' and instead of being all about Serena despite being the lead, it would be all about Blair Waldorf as the viewers sympathised with her more (just like it happened with Marissa Cooper and Summer in 'The OC'). She was this fierce Constance mean girl but an insecure young girl at heart and seeing her grow, at the same time of scheming, was the funniest thing. Such a shame she ended up marrying an abuser but well, i'll go more into that later.

B's & S' friendship - that is up till season 5. Their ups and downs are what made the show in the first place, seeing how they had become sisters amidst their messed up families and how they tried to keep each other's back, even though they failed and backstabbed each other at times. Highlight of their friendship was their meeting and peace sign at Central Park park and their cute moments taking photos by a fountain in matching dresses. It's no coincidence that both happened in season 1.

The fashion - from Blair's trademark headbands or the chic Constance uniforms, to Little J's designs, or debutante's dresses, the fashion on 'Gossip Girl' was one of the best things, (except for when they decided that Blair was going grandma chic) but here are some examples i can remember:

InsideNow this was a great turn, Lonely Boy finally spilling out the secrets of the Upper East Side with his first novel, and declaring his love for Blair Waldorf. Noone saw that one coming and it was great. Why the writers preferred to forget about that and go with the storyline that the majority of the audience wants is what has provided the show from having some quality.

Dorota - Dorota rules and she was the funniest, her relationship with Miss Blair was one of the cutest things on the show. Of course, Blair was really tough on her most of the times, but always with a touch of humour and the sweetest scenes were those when Dorota served as a mother figure to her. Not enough scenes of that, not enough!

Georgina - Georgina Sparks was always fun, scheming her way to the top and causing mayhem where she went just for the fun of it. I loved that she was paired in the end with Jack Bass, two twisted minds (imagine the sex), and that makes her Blair's sister-in-law, nightmares.

New York - One could not hep but love to be in New York watching the show. From the MET steps, to Central Park or the breathtaking shots from the skyscratchers, there wasn't a shot that i adored. I couldn't even help to see tons of GG locations when i got my chance to visit NY, and that awesome moment when we walked by the New York Palace hotel location without even expecting it but recognising it at the instant (!!!).

The minions and the new generations - the show wouldn't have been the same without the oh-so-not loyal minions like Nelly Yuki or Penélope (where were they on the finale?), or these three little girls who at least twice, bumped into Serena and Dan and told them off about their choices in love, because they read Gossip Girl and they owned them. It was A+ that two of these three girls, now grown up teenagers, appeared on the finale. Props to that.

Music - so many great pop songs were played but i can't help to remember this one after the debutantes ball on S1, or Rufus' song "Everytime you run away", but here's a more accurate list of all the songs from the show.


Season 6 - it was like they were in a rush to end this mess of a show and didn't care if they didn't fill the plot holes. Those were the days when 'Gossip Girl's episodes had a plot twist on the very last 5 minutes, seriously, this season never happened in my brain.

Chair - Chuck and Blair. Now this turned out to be a war between shippers, and even though i liked them at the beginning and well, didn't care when they ended up marrying and having kids in the end, i was not OK with my fave character going back to someone who has attempted to rape girls before (even minors, he tried to force Little J on season 1), traded his big love for a hotel and pimped her to his uncle Jack, abused Blair (he hit her at some point), deflowered Little J when she was at her weakest, always put his personal interests first and it was the same old bullshit over and over again. That was the good thing about Dair but well, if marrying an abuser or your very own stalker, with Serena marrying Dan, is what true love means for the writers, then let them be.

Blake Lively or everything Serena - The dislike for Serena and the actress who played her was one of the most love/hate things for me. Because a character can't go any sillier than this, from her being in love every 5 episodes to a new man (she was never alone except for season 5), to end up marrying the guy who has stalked you for years, humiliated you on the internet and exposed you multiple times, and forgetting all about it in a matter of seconds because he wrote an alternative chapter about you and you "were the only one the whole time". Bitch, that's the exact same thing he said to Blair and both fell for that so congratulations on being a clingy bimbo, i won't miss seeing or hearing Blah Lively weekly. Also, why is it that Blah is offered better roles than Leighton Meester? It makes no sense.

Chuck Bass' mommy and daddy issues - So many time and effort was given to solve if Chuck's mother was alive or making Bart Bass die (twice) but honestly, WHO CARED ABOUT THAT?

Vanessa - "That troll Vanessa" as Queen B once referred to her was, by far, the show's most hated character. There even was a hilarious Facebook page named "We want Vanessa Abrahams to move back to Vermont" with tons of likes but instead she moved to Barcelona. Thank you very much, but we  Spaniards, didn't want her here either. The only thing that would have been remotely likeable was if she had hooked up with Rufus, because she had a thing for the Humphreys and she was low like that. But sadly, it didn't happen.

Nate - Nate had no plot aside from his daddy troubles and becoming poor for a while. After that, he just basically got involved with tons of women related to some other character, from Blair's boyfriend's stepmother, to Chuck's fake mother, Serena's stepdaughter, and so on. And he ended up forever alone. LOL.

So, so

Little J - Little Jenny Humphrey was great from the start, wanting to become part of Constance royalty no matter what but ended up being annoying with her family issues and her horrid style and eye make-up. Also, knowing now that she knew about Gossip Girl all the time and she was fine with being exposed makes her the ultimate attention whore ever.

Lily Rhodes/Van der Woodsen/Humphrey/Bass - Surely mother of the year or the whole century, Lily's many marriages and the lack of concern for her two kids (oh wait, three, there's the lovechild of her and Rufus but they forgot about him soon) was what made her so terrible and funny the whole time. Going back to your first ex-husband, the father of your kids that made her believe she had cancer, is something only Lily could make, and what was amusing was that she was, little by little, turning into her mom Cece Rhodes, the very great Cece, filling her morning coffee mug with Gin, no tonic.

Gossip Girl - Well, well, well, i always though it was going to be an outsider (played by Kristen Bell, GG's original voice) or had my bets on Dorota or Nelly Yuki (she would have made so much more sense as GG) but it was Lonely Boy all along. One could guessed it after he said on 6x09 "I have a plan, I had this whole time", but if you look back, this "plot twist" makes no sense at all. If Dan was Gossip Girl then why woud he act so surprised to blasts from the site even when he was alone at home infront of his computer? Why would he be surprised to find out Serena was buying a pregnancy test on season 1 when he already knew? Why would he send a pic of him and that teacher he hooked up with and almost got expelled for that from highschool? Or why would he react feeling so hurt when Blair's diary was published on GG revealing her feelings to Chuck and, basically, making her going back to Chuck? It makes little sense but the internet, and more precisely Tumblr, has become so hilarious with this reveal that you have to accept it and get along. The writers have said that they planned it was Dan the whole time but that doesn't sound credible. In the books, GG was never revealed so I don't think the writers of this show will ever find a job again.

The finale
It was good old 'Gossip Girl' some say, it got me excited and hooked watching so it's all that matters. They pleased 13-year-old viewers with a double wedding because that's what girls want, a happy ending and a wedding, no matter to who. But well, there were some really great moments, like the Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson cameo as actresses auditioning for Blair and Serena's parts in the movie adaptation of "Inside", or the return of some then big characters like Eric Van der Woodsen, Little J, Vanessa, Agnes, Cyrus (there was not enough Cyrus!) and some many more i don't even remember they were on the show. And well, they could have pulled a 'Breakfast Club' moment like in S1 when they were all discussing Dan being Gossip Girl and Dorota drinking vodka nonstop, but i guess they didn't have time for it. I liked that Rufus randomly ended up with Lisa Loeb and that Blair's and Chuck's kid looked like she was the seed of evil and surely will follow his dad's footsteps, but we'll always have the flawless first season to rewatch so XOXO and RIP (as i already predicted) Gossip Girl, because in my mind, the show ended here, the episodes after that are non-existent to me:

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  1. OMG! haha Encara no he vist totes les temporadas, però no m'importa llegir spoilers de les series, perquè després sempre queda el veure-les i la veritat tenia molta curiositat per veure com havia acabat, perquè no sabia que anaven a cancelar-la. La veritat, vaig a veure-la prompte, perquè la primera temporada em va agradar molt (no crec que el best show ever, encara que amb eixa portada tan xula de la revista que menys que posar eixe titol haha, perquè per mi sempre ho serà Twin Peaks (L)) però sense dubte va ser molt genial.
    Totalment d'acord amb lo de Dorota, that Vanessa troll hahaha, Little Jo i la seua evolución tan horrible, la fashion (Serena portava roba bé moltes vegades però ella... no m'agrada res l'estil de Blake... Blah haha és molt més elegant Blair... mira que Blake té bon body, però no li queda tant bé la roba com a Leighton), i amb el que dius de Blake Lively. De fet em sorprén molt perquè m'agrava molt més el personatge de Blair, i també la Leighton... molt més chic i adorable, no té comparació. Encara que a The OC jo era fan de Marissa, sempre (L) Summer m'agradava, però Marissa era genial... ella i Ryan m'encantaven. No he vist la temporada en que comença la relació Dair, però recordo en la primera temporada el moment en que anaven a probar-se la roba Serena i ella, quan Blair i Dan es quedaven parlant junts sentats a terra, i era un moment genial (em va recordar a eixe moment quan Irene en Drive està sentada a la porta de sa casa i veu a Ryan Gosling, quan la birthday party haha)... de fet sempre vaig pensar que farien bona parella.

    Molt fort lo de Gossip Girl... epic fail :S
    I no sabia que Desmond Harrington era Jack Bass! :O eixe actor sempre m'agradava molt des de que el vaig veure en The Hole i Joan of Arc, i ja no sabia que havia sigut d'ell... m'alegro de veure que continua fent coses. Encara que sent un Bass la por jaja

    un petó!

  2. He only said he was GG just to say he had more power then Blair and plus to protect the real GG who were Blair&Dorota.

    1. i would love that but sadly, snif snif, there's no other explanation, the finale sucked :/

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