It's Season Finale Time (Part lll)

It' seems every other show has had their season finale these days so here i am yet again doing a Season Finale Post after parts l and ll, so here's part lll and who knows if there will be a fourth. It's clear now that i watch too many shows at the moment, and this is the proof so, let's begin!


New Girl (Season 7 - Show finale) So Jessica Day and her gang had a small farewell season and it has been quite great. I was among those who thought that their charm had gone away a bit despite always being funny, but this last season, with a five year gap has been excellent. I think they should had done it earlier because it changed the series' dynamic and brought a lot of life to it but well, at least they did at the end. I have to admit that the last episode wasn't all that great though i appreciate that they didn't end with Jess' and Nick's wedding because that's what every other show does but it was a nice wrap up. I'm sure going to miss characters like Schmidt who's truly a gem, and all the rest because for me, these folks were the true heirs to 'Friends'.

Grey's Anatomy (Season 14) This show never ceases to surprise me and while the previous seasons weren't that much remarkable–though not bad, this one has been actually quite enjoyable. Sure it's a million miles away from the perfection of the first several seasons but it hasn't lost its touch. And i'm super glad that it's renewed every year because i simply enjoy watching it a lot, even when the episode is not that great, as they always keep it next to the core. And that's what i love most about it. About
Kepner's and Arizona's departures? Well, well bye girls, they never really were among my favorites but stop now with that nosense between Jackson and Maggie, it hurts my eyes. And bring DeLuca with Meredith, that would be hot.

Dynasty (Season 1) This show is an extremely guilty pleasure and i didn't expect it at the beginning. At first i watched because of Grant Show and my love to 'Melrose Place', but little by little the show has evolved into a delightful hot mess. Everything is absurd and most characters are too but that's the enjoyable part of it. And now with 'Desperate Housewife' Nicollette Sheridan things have gotten 100 times better. And the finale was quite jaw dropping so i'm super happy that its renewed though i don't expect this show to last a lot in the long run but i will enjoy it no matter what.

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