Pete Yorn's & Scarlett Johansson's EP 'Apart'

Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson are back together making music again and these two are always a great combination. After nearly 10 years of their first collaboration together with the 'Break Up' album, a pure gem, they are back with 'Apart', a 5 song EP that is simply excellent.

For starters, the first single 'Bad Dreams' is catching like fire, one of those songs you just love to listen while driving, because it has all the energy. But for me, my instant favorite has been 'Movies', such an hypnotic and melodic ballad that really takes you somewhere else. 'Cigarillo' has one hundred percent Pete Yorn's signature all over it, and that's a good thing, while 'Iguana Bird', is a really great start for opening the EP. And last but not least 'Tomorrow' is the perfect brooch for a tiny but perfect EP.

I simply couldn't be happier of these two making sweet and good music again and i hope there's a third full album, or at least EP, in a future. In the meantime, enjoy this small pleasure that turned out to be 'Apart'. Listen below.

sources: spotify & peteyorn

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