15 years of Madonna's 'American Life'

In 2003 Madonna released the controversial 'American Life' after the country dance album 'Music' and it was definitely a different twist for her. And while i liked some songs, i was kinda disappointed as i expected something else, despite Mirwai's fabulous involvement. But i played it again a few years later and i unexpectedly adored it.

'American Life' wasn't Madonna's biggest success, in fact, its lead single and title album track didn't even make big on the charts as it was expected from the Queen of Pop but many as i didn't understand what we had ahead of ourselves. This album was ahead of its time, and that makes it priceless as years go by and you listen to it with a different point of view. Many appreciated it for what it was but it took time to others to see that this is not Madonna's worst album, not even close. One has to admire gems like the ultra hit 'Hollywood' or divine and worth James Bond tunes like 'Die Another Die', so underrated at the time. And what about the powerful and heart felt ballad 'Nothing Fails' which i saw her performing live, playing an acoustic guitar and with a profound feeling that later i understood as weeks later it was announced that she and Guy Ritchie (after whom he wrote such a beautiful love letter) were divorcing. But all of them, alongside some pure disco electronic delights as fantastic as 'Mother and Father' or 'Nobody Knows Me', make up for a different, out of the box album.

It's surprising how underrated this album actually is but i guess many experienced what happened to me when i first listened to it and now we can give the place it deserves. Below there are my five absolute favorite songs from 'American Life', one of them actually included in my Top 20 Madonna songs ever so it can't be that bad of an album. Not at all.


Nothing Fails

Die Another Day

Love Profusion

Mother and Father

sources: thepinsta & youtube

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