It's season finale time! (Part ll)

 I'm catching up with a lot of shows i've watched over the past few months and i couldn't miss commenting on them, so here you have part 2 of the Season Finale time post. Spoilers ahead!

Everything Sucks (Season1) This show is the cutest thing. It brought back 90s nostalgia and who doesn't love a good old highschool show? The kids were nice and relatable and the series turned out to be a happy and accurate portray of grunge and highschool days, particularly for those like me who had their teen years during the 90s. Now, everything really sucked when Netflix decided to cancel it and not give it a second season as it deserved and as the plot was left open and unresolved and that really, really sucked. Many have complained about this and the young lead actress Peyton Kennedy (who ncan be seen now on 'Grey's Anatomy') has expressed that maybe everything is not lost, so let's hope they can give it at least a final season.

Love (Season 3-Finale) I've always hate-watched this show, mainly because all the characters are annoying and really punchable in the face but this third and final season (which i had no idea it was going to be its last) turned out to be quite decent. Gus and Mickey were kinda nice and, surprisingly, Bertie was the best thing, with her birthday episode being the episode o most enjoyed of the season, alongside the final ep. In the end it was sad that there aren't more seasons but better to leave it like this.

 Dark (Season 1) This German show turned out to be quite a good surprise because i was not expecting such a great series and quite a mindfuck. But what a lovely puzzling series, it got me hooked to it the whole entire season. Season 2 is currently filming and they better make a really good 'Previously in Dark' intro because i could barely keep on track of what was going on the entire season but i loved every second of it.

 Divorce (Season 2) The Sarah Jessica Parker show started quite nicely the first season and while this second one hasn't been bad, i didn't quite like it as the first one. It's still an enjoyable show though i have to admit it doesn't have me guessing of what's going to happen next but still is nice to see Sarah Jessica in whatever and Molly Shannon along her. It seems that there will be a Season 3 though it hasn't been renewed yet and i will watch it no matter what though i wouldn't mind either if it got cancelled.

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