Katy Perry as Marie Antoinette in 'Hey Hey Hey' music video

Katy Perry has released her new music video 'Hey Hey Hey' playing a modern Marie Antoinette and is simply fantastic.

Clearly inspired in Sofia Coppola's movie of the French queen, Perry is dressed in period clothes but has a cellphone, eats Hit Takis and ice cream and there are also video games, but even though she's a queen, she's oppressed by her king and husband, so she dreams of rebelling and becoming Joan of Arc. In the end she has the same fate as the infamous queen (with one little surprise) but well, the video and the mixture of that era and actual times is always fun to see and i think anyone dreams of being a modern Marie Antoinette as i did in this post.

Enjoy the vid, this is the fourth single that Katy Perry is releasing from 'Witness' after 'Chained to the Rythm', 'Bon Apetit' and 'Swish Swish' so that's not bad at all from a "flop" album, right?

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