Living life the Marie Antoinette kind of way

In honor of the iconic movie 'Marie Antoinette' turning 10 years old last week, i'm dedicating a post to some inspired or influential images that evoke the prettiness that was the Sofia Coppola movie.

There's no denying that even though you liked the movie or not, it certainly inspired many ad campaigns and photoshoots with that mixture of the aristocratic18th century style but adapting it to modern times, and the result is always delightful. So, after the cut, i'm adding a bunch of images that follow the Marie Antoinette lifestyle and why, i might forget some obvious choices but feel free to suggest them to me and enjoy!

In order to be a queen like Marie Antoinette a girl must always have champagne and lots of champagne, like this fabulous Moët and Chandon ad campaign with Scarlett Johansson

Also, she needs some basic queen items like a crown, jewels, gorgeous Louboutin heels, fancy underwear, pretty flowers... and obviously be obsessed with macaroons!

When it comes to fashion and clothes, you should never be afraid of going long lengths like this astonishing gown in this gorgeous photoshoot by Tim Walker.

But you can also keep it this simple and be a queen eitherway.

You gotta love masquerade parties like this ad campaign of David Bowie for Louis Vuitton.

As Bowie is the king of the masquerade balls as it was shown in this perfect scene of 'Labyrinth'.

Throwing parties the Marie Antoinette kind of way is a must for anyone who loves fashion, like the fabulous Versailles party that Karl Lagerfeld threw at Studio 54 in 1979

Absolutely everyone needs to be dressed in costume at these parties, with big hairstyles and even boats in your hair if necessary.

And there needs to be lots of pretty food, like candy, macaroons, cupcakes and lots of cake, as shown in this iconic Marie Antoinette shoot by Wildfox

But a queen has to know how to relax sometimes.

But relaxing doesn't mean you can't be fabulous and stylish at all times.

And swim in the pool or take a bath with your shades on just because, like Natalie Portman in the Miss Dior ads.

And if you're feeling down you should have a glass of wine in the bathtub always for your royal depression.

Gossiping with your girlfriends was the favourite time killer at that period, so it's a tradition that shouldn't die, as Mia and Lucy did in 'Bram Stoker's Dracula'. 

And one is never too young to live the Marie Antoinette kind of way, as we see Tabitha, one of Sarah Jesssica Parker's twins, dressed up as the infamous queen for Halloween.

And play with your Marie Antoinette Barbie doll.

So, the sooner you start living like Marie Antoinette did, like these cuties from 'The Duchess', the better.

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