Drew Barrymore's Throwback for InStyle Magazine

 Drew Barrymore is a sweetheart, i've always liked her, from her spirit free vibe, to her rom-coms, to her everything. The only thing i haven't loved about her or her career has been 'Santa Clarita's Diet' but it's easy to forget about that. But she's always in interesting and fun things so i always keep track of what she's doing.

So, this photoshoot for the February issue of InStyle Magazine where she re-creates old photos of her is fantastic to me. There's no denying that she was the ultimate child actress that went bad and came back from it and her 35 year old career in the spotlight proves it. Maybe she's not a wide range actress but she can deliver and she knows what she's good at. So, as a celebration of that below there are tons of throw back pictures that will make you go nostalgic as she was the cutest kid. And all of that after the cut!

sources: instyle

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