The films of Sofia Coppola

It's no secret that i'm a Sofia Coppola movie lover, 'Lost in Translation' is my favourite movie and the work of this director is always something really special to me. From the intimacy and personal mark of her stories to the beautiful images of her movies, the music of Air and Phoenix always sounding, or the female characters that she so exquisitely includes, everything Sofia Coppola is an instant favourite to me. Even though 'Somewhere' didn't touch me as her first two films ('The Virgin Suicides' & 'Lost in Translation') and i liked 'Marie Antoinette' better (that movie is a candy jewel wrapped in pink), and while waiting for her latest project 'The Ring Bling' to premiere, here's a flawless video full of beautiful scenes of her four movies to date, and i added a ton of beautiful stills after the cut, so hard to choose between my favourites, but always a pleasure to see:

(*Updated: 'The Bling Ring' stills added plus updated new video with TBR footage)


  1. Només he vist lost in translation i marie antoinette, les dues em va agradar molt. Tinc the virgin suicides en algun cd a casa, algún dia m'hi posaré.

    Petonets x

  2. Preciosas fotos y genial post! me encanta :)