American Horror Story: Roanoke

What a ride this season of 'American Horror Story: Roanoke' has been, what a ride! I really didn't expect much from the show after bailing out on the previous season (as i posted, i recently watched 'Hotel' and it wasn't bad at all), so my expectations were kinda low but damn, i got surprised. And it might be one of the best AHS seasons to date so let's start from the beginning because there's a lot to discuss.

At first, i think everyone got really confused by those first minutes of the show. Like we saw one actor doing the action and another one narrating but when you got the whole thing it was interesting. I have to admit that the first half of the season, where we see the first season of the 'My Roanoke Nightmare' was ok, sure the tale of the events of Matt and Shelby got my attention but i was not that intrigued. But when the show took a turn and for the second season we saw the whole process of the production turning the second season into kind of a reality show mixing both actors of the reenactment and the real life survivors, that was amazing. Because the show turned into a mix of AHS' 'Murder House', 'UnReal' and 'The Blair Witch Project' and that mixture made everything so damn good and so intriguing this time. And also because we got to see more of the actors that were only narrating the whole thing doing some action, like Adina Porter, who was already amazing on 'True Blood' and it would had been a shame only to see her just telling the tale of Roanoke. And sure we got to see more of her, she kinda turned into the star of the show during that second half. As it was great to see the other actors who played Shelby, Matt and Lee of the docu-series appear as the actors themselves alongside the real people who they portrayed. Like a meta meta show. And we even got a crossover with the finale bringing back Lana Winters, the Briarcliff survivor from season 2's 'Asylum' and i love when director Ryan Murphy gives us that. Because in the end Sarah Paulson played Shelby on the show, then she played actress Audrey Tindall and finally iconic journalist Lana Winters and that was superb. Because Murphy always integrates elements from other seasons to make it more full circle and that's so amazing.

As for the finale, i've seen that many people are complaining not only that the season has been a mess - which i really don't understand, and others that have liked the season but haven't quite loved the ending. I have to admit that maybe the resolution of the Lee Harris' plot and her daughter was kind of weak but i actually liked the whole thing and the introduction of the media into the story only made it more real and believable, in this time and age where docu-realities are so hot right now. In my opinion, it has been one of the best seasons, or at least better than 'Freak Show' and especially 'Hotel', so that's a lot.

 I was kinda wondering before 'Hotel' that the show was pretty much done but after this brilliant season, and how Murphy keeps blending seasons and characters, i think the best is yet to come, especially with a crossover season of 'Murder House' and 'Coven' that seems to be happening next season or most likely, in season 8 and i can't wait for that. In the meantime, Ryan Murphy has teased us with this tweet saying "Sweet dreams. The monsters are all gone," which is sure a hint of season 7 but i guess we'll have to wait until the theme it's revealed in Spring but this will keep us wondering.

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