'True Blood' (2008- 2014)

'True Blood' had its season finale last week, and while this season was not disappointing at all compared to the previous ones, the finale did suck.

I expected so much more than a happy ending for practically them all (fuck Bill), with a wedding (so unnecessary) and everything was quite forgettable. Because who cared at this point about Sookie and Bill, they were always the most boring thing on the show, and it's Sookie and Eric who should had been endgame. They never really gave it a try (he had amnesia back then when they were together) and that's really a shame.

But this show has had great moments. Still, to this day, and even though the show might have been a let down for many, it has one of my favourite scenes on a show, the suicide of a vampire. Who could forget Godric's death on season 2, it was so majestic, poetic and touching that it's no worth talking about 'True Blood' without discussing that flawless scene. So watch it here (couldn't embed vid) and as usual enjoy some of the coolest moments the show has had after the cut, i know i'm missing a lot of them but it's what i could find, and also some flawless ads promoting the show (they had the best promos). We know we are all glad this hot mess ended but we'll be missing Pam, Lafayette, Ginger, Eric... but definately not Sam. Enjoy!

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