'Girls HBO' Season 6 Trailer

February 12 marks the beginning of the end for 'Girls' as its final season premieres and it's going to be sooo sad. I can't even begin to process that we're going to live without the stories of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna and will kiss them farewell this next year. But at the same time i think it's necessary for it to end on a high note, of course we could get a few more seasons but if Lena Dunham is sure to end it after season 6, we know it's because she doesn't want to ruin the show by making it last longer than it should.

In the trailer we don't see much of what's going to happen, we sure see that Jessa and Adam seem to be together after the huge argument they had at the end of season 5 and that's pretty much it, but i like to get surprised so i don't need to know any more details.

So, get ready for this show to end but one thing i know for sure it's that it's going to have a great finale, as the whole show has been and as it has already had fantastic season finales. After all, this is "their last chance to get it almost right."

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