Peek behind the scenes of 'Twin Peaks' (2017)

I try not to get too excited about 'Twin Peaks' coming back next year because it's one of my favourite shows and i would hate to find myself disappointed about it. So i tried not to give any news about it too much attention, that's why i totally missed this peek behind the scenes of the filming of the David Lynch iconic show. And damn, now i'm super excited.

Actors like Kyle MacLachlan, Miguel Ferrer and others from the show talk about how they learnt the news of original creators Lynch and Mark Frost getting everyone together for a reboot and they telling that 'There's nothing like it' and how everyone will be surprised makes me anxious and so glad that they're bringing the show back.

There's no exact date for the shows' premiere, late 2017 it's what we know so far, and the waiting is gonna be long after seeing clips like this. Watch the sneak peek and get excited about 'Twin Peaks' coming back next year. It's happening again.

sources: papermag & youtube

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