Miss Antoinette and her sisters

Wildfox's clothes are cool, some are a bit tacky but mostly cool and chic, if only it was cheaper then i would be happy, but well. The brand also makes fantastic look books and ad campaigns like this one, Miss Antoinette & Her Sisters for the Spring 2011 collection, that picture what a teen Marie Antoinette would wear today, of course she would also be wearing gorgeous gowns by Alexander McQueen and Lanvin, but i think she would wear this collection to hang out everyday. You know you have to give it to Miss Coppola after modernising the famous teen queen.

source: wildfox

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  1. no podríes haver descrit millor les clothes de Wildfox :) I estic d'acord amb que aquesta campanya és genial, una de les meues favorites. A més, el blog de la Kimberley Gordon és molt inspirational, no sé si el coneixes (que suposo que sí) però està puja fotos molt xules: