10 years of Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette'

The somehow controversial at the time 'Marie Antoinette' turned 10 years old last week, and while it might not be Sofia Coppola's finest work, it certainly is her last good movie to me. I'm not saying that 'Somewhere' or 'The Bling Ring' are bad, but compared to her first two movies, 'The Virgin Suicides' and 'Lost in Translation', they seem kinda weak, and even, forgettable. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true Coppola fan, but those two last movies didn't reach me as the first ones, and 'Marie Antoinette' is kinda in the middle of that.

Sofia Coppola's portrayal of the infamous queen was very much awaited by everyone, especially by me, and it has grown on me with time. Noone can deny that this movie is a wrapped up candy and everything looks delightful, from the exquisite clothes, to the astonishing setting in Versailles, to the candy (I want candy!), and the introduction of modern music in a period film was somehow groundbreaking in cinema –even though Baz Luhrman kinda did that in 'Moulin Rouge' but adapting the music to the period. Also, Coppola added another modern touch by introducing a pair of Converse sneakers during a scene which many thought was a mistake, but it was appropriately placed to convey that mixture of a modern queen that was very much into fashion at the time. And while i referred to this movie as her last good one, as i don't adore it as much as her two films as previously said, i like it because it's eye candy (pun intended) to watch and i kinda feel reflected in the frivolity at times of using parties and material things to fulfill the boredom and dullness.

So, the movie turns 10 years old and as i'm waiting for her upcoming film, the remake of 'The Beguiled', we can take a look at some of the most beautiful stills of the movie, as always, after the cut.

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