Gia Coppola and Xavier Dolan for Assistant Magazine

I've just discovered this marvellous photoshoot with directors Xavier Dolan and Gia Coppola and i instantly loved it, so i had to post it here even though it's from last year. Both young filmmakers were photographed by Shayne Laverdiere for the Spring/Summer 2015 coverstory of Assistant magazine and the result is quite fantastic and kinda gives me 'Somewhere' vibes.

In the article they're described as The New Hollywood after their respective success with Dolan's 'Mommy' - which still puts me goose bumps, and Coppola's directorial debut with 'Palo Alto', a very nice first project with a very personal signature, both standing out with their own style.

So, enjoy this really cool and interesting shoot with these two very great and interesting directors. I really adored these photos.

sources: fuckingyoung

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