10 favorite Winona Ryder's films

Last Saturday was Winona Ryder's birthday (45 no less) and what a better way to celebrate than to go through her very impressive filmography and pick out my fave movies of her. I was going to make a top 10 but i found it really hard to decide on her best ones as i adore so many of her movies. Take into consideration that i'm a Winona fan ever since i was a child and that i've grown up watching her movies. I had an older cousin that was obsessed with her and i adored going to her house to watch her films because back then you just couldn't watch any movie whenever you want to, so she had many recorded on vhs. But anyway, there are a bunch that are among my all-time favorites and at least i had to mention them.

When looking into her filmography one can only be amazed at the amount of excellent movies she's been in. Ever since she was a teenager she has done hit after hit and marked a whole generation as the muse of Generation X, and while that might have faded away after her shoplifting scandal, Darren Aronofsky brought her back with 'Black Swan' and we are so glad of it. But it's been only with this last Summer must watch show 'Stranger Things' when she's really back and i hope for good. And i'm really happy about it, so i hope to see her more in movies, even though she has only listed 'Beetlejuice 2' in her upcoming projects and that might only be a rumor. But in the meantime, let's remember (in chronological order and after the cut) why Winona Ryder should be forever: WINONA FOREVER

Beetlejuice (1988)
Winona was only 16 when she met Tim Burton and what a match made in heaven. The movie is a Burton classic and she stand out among so many ghosts in the crazy Beetlejuice world. Also, she was dark and tortured and i loved that.

Heathers (1988)
'Heathers' is a film that i watched only a few years ago and i don't know how i missed this little gem (i guess my cousin didn't have it on vhs) but it's a must-see film if you like chick flicks. In fact, she's kinda a pioneer for 'Clueless' and 'Mean Girls' and i'll always be thankful for that.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)
And who didn't fall in love with Winona in this movie? The Tim Burton love story between a teenager and a weirdo with scissors instead of hands melted everyone's heart and became a classic movie, perfect to watch during Christmas. And kinda pushed Winona into stardom.

Mermaids (1990)
I might have seen this movie a thousand times and never get bored. It's one of my dear favorites and i love everything about it. From Cher being a cool mom, to an adorable Christina Ricci in her debut, to the huggable Bob Hoskins and the so very prude character of Winona, everything makes it for an adorable movie that contains both laughs and cries. If i had made a top 10 this would had definitely been in the top 5.

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Francis' Ford Coppola now classic would also had been in the top 5 of my fave Winona films. When i was a teenager me and my friends were obsessed with this movie and watched it over and over again. And while it has aged a bit when it comes to special effects, is still the last good movie that Coppola has made (in my humble opinion, that is). But the film is so well done, how the adapted the epistolary novel, the amazing costumes, the thrilling soundtrack, the astonishing cast! I could go on and on but i guess everyone agrees with me.

Age of Innocence (1993)
Back then i didn't love this movie, for me it was ok, but it has grown on me soo much with the years. Such a delicate love story, as delicate as Winona's character and the exquisiteness of how Martin Scorsese filmed the movie makes me want to read the book on which is based on some day.

House of the Spirits (1993)
When it comes to this also adapted film from a book, i actually have read Isabel Allende's novel and i think it captured its whole essence. It's one of her lesser known movies and i actually watched it because my mom loves this movie a lot. And while it might not be her best film for many (it's obviously one of my faves for me) everyone should give it a watch if only for the amazing cast: Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, Vincent Gallo and Glenn Close no less. And i always loved the story of this film as told from generation to generation.

Reality Bites (1994)
There's no need to say that this movie marked a whole generation because i think that's pretty obvious and what's great about it is that you can still relate to it so hard today. Not only the movie and the plot are ageless but you can still watch it today and love it as if it was the first time. Also, one of my absolutely fave movies from her.

Little Women (1994)
Another dear favorite of mine because i love this movie but like, soooo much. I know the original version of the movie is also good, but this one is, in my opinion, better adapted from the Louisa May Alcott novel and it also contains a fantastic all female cast with Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon and Winona and let's not forget about Christian Bale as the charming Laurie. Another fantastic movie to watch during Christmas or anytime, because i never grow tired of it.

Girl, Interrupted (1999)
And finally 'Girl, Interrupted'. Many might remember the movie more after Angelina Jolie's character but Winona's part was not left behind. The movie also included a bunch of fantastic actors like Clea DuVall, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Moss, Vanessa Redgrave or Jared Leto to name a few and the story is really heartbreaking at times. Also, this was Winona's best last movie before the incident happened.

Honorable mentions: Some films that i also love about her have not been included but they were close, like 'Black Swan', but only because her part was not that big, but very important! The same happens in Woody Allen's 'Celebrity' and 'Great Balls of Fire' kinda made it onto the list but i loved all those other movies more than this fantastic movie.

Also, if you're a true Winona fan you should watch 'Stranger Things' if you still hadn't and watch Kirsten Dunst' directorial debut with the shortfilm 'Welcome', starring her 'Little Women' sister Winona.

So, what Winona movies are your favorite?

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