'Mommy' (2014)

(No Spoilers)
Xavier Dolan is the director of the moment, if you haven't heard of him, i'm sorry but you're completely out of the loop. Anyway, after the amount of good reviews and prestigious awards it has received, i was really looking forward to watch 'Mommy' and i was not disappointed. Sure, when i first finished it, i was like expecting a lot of more with all the hype, but images and especially music moments from the movie kept coming back to my head and i adore that.

The film is full of scenes that have a whole lot of meaning because of the amazing and tastefulness use of the music, Dolan even makes you like a Celine Dion song! And as i love music moments in scenes so much, i had to talk about them here. Even a well-known song like 'Wonderwall' by Oasis sounds more powerful than ever. Also, the three scenes i'm going to post are amazing examples of the feeling This is happiness that i also adore to see so much in movies, even re-watching them i get goose bumps because Dolan creates moments that touch you to the core. This is what the director says about those music moments:

I wanted to have music that made sense for the characters, emotionally speaking. It’s music that would elicit emotion without trying too hard. The music all comes from this mix-tape that’s been given by the father. Steve’s father made a mix-tape based on whatever songs they heard while driving on a road trip in California. The three of them went on this road trip before he died and he made a mix-tape with all the songs from that road trip. That’s what Die explains in that Celine Dion scene. That’s where the songs come from. It’s a way to use music that’s diagetic. It’s not me playing music on the film. It’s music playing in the film. The characters are in sole control of that soundtrack. 

As youtube sucks and has deactivated the embed option on some of the scenes, i'm adding just the links, even though 'Colourblind' by Counting Crows is still unlocked, so you can watch them below. These doesn't contain spoilers and give you a great taste of the movie, so be sure to watch them and see the movie, because it's really something else.

                                          Celine Dion - On Ne Change Pas                                   Oasis - Wonderwall

sources: jessepinkmqn, impaawards & youtube

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