'The X Files' Season 10

(Spoilers are out there)
Mulder and Scully have come and gone faster than the blink of an eye, and this mini season with only six episodes has left us with the feeling that it wasn't enough.

This revival of 'The X Files' couldn't have been any more perfect and satisfying for any devoted fan of the show who didn't expect a new season coming. There were many who jumped off the bandwagon with messy seasons 8 and 9 but i bet that even those have enjoyed this 10th season.

Apart from the two first episodes 'My Struggle' and 'Founder's Mutation' which i already commented, the following four eps haven even gotten better. And i think the top of the cake was precisely the following ep 'Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster' (3x10) where the good old comical episodes were back. These were the best episodes ever, those that had a funny tone and where everything was absurd but hilarious and even Scully says so in the ep. You cannot tell how much i adored this one as it transported me back to being 13 and enjoying to the most these kind of episodes. They were absolutely the best of 'The X Files'.

Following this glorious ep came 'Home Again' (4x10) which is probably the most serious one of the season along with both 'My Struggle' and 'My Struggle II'. This one focused mainly on Scully and the loss of her mother which triggers her wish to find William, the son she had with Mulder, and make sure that he's fine. It was an emotional episode that put on the table their feelings about their son, and therefore opened a new door for the search of this mysterious young boy.

Next up there was 'Babylon' (5x10) which had both a serious and a funny tone, mainly because of the two new young versions of Mulder and Scully that screamed spin-off, but i don't think nobody is buying that. It was too obvious and both characters doesn't have charisma enough to have a show of their own. Anyway, apart from that the ep was only ok for me though the ending saved it a bit (i didn't really like Mulder's mushroom-placebo trip and missed the three gunmen cameo). But Mulder being all positive at the end and taking Scully's hand for a walk made me giggle just like my teenage self would and i liked that, even though i appreciated in this season that they didn't focus on the are they on or not thing.

And finally 'My Struggle II' (6x10) which lefts us all crazy. Following the initial trama in the first episode, the whole world seems to be ending just like the season but not really. The open ending makes us want to believe that there will be more after this, that this is not the end and David Duchovny tweeting the pic below has to mean something. This episode got us with a rush of adrenaline and seemed to closure the whole show but not quite. I'm guessing by all this that there's more awaiting for us and after how well has gone this season i don't see why not. I want to believe.

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