Mulder and Scully are back

After 14 years, Mulder and Scully are back. It's an easy thing to say but we surely didn't expect it. As with all reboots, one is scared that it's gonna be a mess and will taint the gloriousness that the show was, but this wasn't the case. In fact, it feels like time hasn't passed at all.

When i was 12 i was obsessed with 'The X Files'. During highschool, my two best friends and i always arrived on Monday willing to discuss the new episode we watched the night before, and especially, if there was any close move between Mulder and Scully. We were hoping so much for a kiss, for anything happening between them that when they did (in that first movie) it was disappointing. But anyway, we loved the cases, the drama, the conspiracy and the humour some episodes had, especially this last thing. And in the new eps, there's a bit of all of that.

Two new episodes were out for all the joy and satisfaction of the most die-hard fans, and they didn't let us down. The first one, 'My Struggle' was a good old conspiracy episode. I find these the most boring ones but as a starter, it had to be like that. What happened to Mulder after all these years out of the FBI and far from Scully's life, while she was devoted to medicine and the science she believed the most. It was intense and a lot of answers of what happened during this period of time were answered and many other questions surfaced. While in the second one, 'Founder's Mutation' was more like your average episode, that contained some enigma to be solved and a bit of humor involved. I enjoyed this one better, because it felt like the old times.

This 10th season will have only six episodes, and having watched the first two, it feels like they won't be enough. I don't know if there's plans to pick up a full season if the response is good (ratings were on fire) or if there will be another season, but i really hope they do, because there can be a lot more to explore with these two (and that kid they gave up for adoption). I want to believe there will be more.

sources: kstitv

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