All Saints' new single 'One strike'

All Saints' latest album 'Studio 1' was released in 2006, exactly ten years ago, so it was about time that these ladies who split up over a jacket (no joke), got back together to release some new music together.

Melanie, Shaznay, Nicole and Natalie are part of one of my fave girlbands ever (the Girlbands of the 90s were the best) and they have amazing voices so i was super eager to listen to their new material. Well then, their first single from their upcoming album 'Red Flag' has been released just now and 'One Strike' sounds really good. It's catchy and chill and somehow i expected a little bit more after all this time, but it's a nice taste of what is coming. The album will be out April 8 and below you can check out the tracklisting. I'm expecting big things coming from it so i hope i don't get disappointed. Listen to 'One Strike' below.

sources: allsaintstw & youtube

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