'Stranger Things 2'

The much awaited season 2 of 'Stranger Things' premiered a week ago and obviously it was binge-watched by absolutely everyone and everybody who loved the first season. And while i didn't expect much from it as it's always really difficult to keep up the hype, i was not left disappointed though i was also not impressed. At all.

Season 2 picked up a year after things were left on S1 and while all the characters still pretty charming, some storylines were a bit unnecessary, like all the kids' romances. Max's addition to the gang was something really cool, but why romantically link her to two of the boys so soon? Though thinking about it, that's exactly what happened when Eleven first met the boys. And that's also one of the biggest problems that i saw on this second season, that everything that happens has already happened before. Like S2 follows the same pattern of things as the first season and even the resolution of the conflict is the same one, with Eleven solving everything in the end. They could had bring her sooner to fix things. 

Another factor that made me think that Season 2 wasn't close to the level of perfection than S1 was is that it didn't get me hooked on it until things started to develop in episode 4. Those three episodes from the beginning were simply ok but i really withdraw from the story a lot, like checking my phone just because, for no special reason, because i was bored. And keep in mind that i love 80s nostalgia and i'm sold pretty quick on these type of movies and shows were kids go on bikes to places solving mysteries and having adventures ('The Goonies', 'Super 8', even 'It'!) but here i didn't love it as much. Truth is that after episode 4 i watched te show on two days but the feeling of not having enough like it happened to me during the first season was not happening for me this time.

Also, there weren't any amazing scenes on this new season, or none that i can remember. Like when 'E.T. the extra terrestrial' style, Eleven, while riding with the boys escaping from someone, made the van that was going towards them fly above them, in a really badass move. But in part 2? No memorable moments that i can recall. And it's a shame because this show used to amaze me. 

And the worst thing of it all, and i think we all agree, was episode 7. Like it was a bit necessary to know what happened to Eleven's mom and all but the sister part? A bit unnecessary and boring. Yeah it served El to figure out herself and understand what happened better but dedicating a whole episode to that was a bit too much. The only good thing was the moment where Bon Jovi's 'Runaway' sounds but the rest was pretty meh.

It's not all hating here, because nearly all the new characters were really great, like Max, Bob, adorably played by Goonie, Sean Astin, Lucas' little fierce sister Erica and well, Billy, Max's stepbrother. But overall they were all amazing.

When it comes to the original cast, Steve remains one of my fave characters, like he was made for you to hate on him but he's simply a nerd with good hair but he remains adorable, and his bond with Dustin and the rest was so cute and funny. Nancy was still great though she made some poor romantic choices, while Jonathan still is as boring as i remembered (Team Steve all the way). As for the party, the kids are always great and i loved seeing them in 'Ghostbusters' costumes. When it comes to the adults, Chef Hopper remained the best, and gave us a lot of feelings when he gets granted the adoption papers for Eleven, now Jane, as he lost his daughter years ago. Also, with the super sad death of Bob, there could be a romance in the cards between him and Joyce and we're all rooting for that for Part 3.

Anyway, i ranted a lot about the things that i didn't like from part 2 but at the same time i watched the whole thing in four days so it wasn't that bad. Yeah, it didn't live up to season 1 but it was enjoyable for the most part and the ending ball scene was cute, i got to admit. So, we'll have to wait to part 3 to see the story repeating itself but i hope this time everything is a bit more original.

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