It (2017)

The most awaited movie of the Summer is here and while i wasn't really interested about it as i don't remember the 90s original version, this new adaptation has really surprised me. Because it uses a lot of 80s nostalgia and when done right that's always a win. And here is a total winner.

Based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King, 'It' returns to the big screen to terrify all those who didn't grow up scared by clowns and this remake does really work. For starters, and as i've said, the stars of the movie, apart from the terrifying clown (played by Bill Skarsgard) are a young group of friends who, as they call themselves, are the losers in town. All of them are subject to some nasty pranks and even aggressions by some local bullies and they just accept their roles as proud losers. Here we find a really nice set of buddies, each with their own fears and their own personalities - from the stutter who lost his young brother, to the big mouth who's always talking, the hypochondriac, the fat child, the Jewish, the black kid and the slut (all this stated as a cliche for the others, not because i would describe them like that). But we've got a dysfunctional gang who are about to start 1988's Summer with a mission. "It's Summer, we should be playing," it's often repeated, but the loss of Georgie, Bill's little brother, makes them take a quest on finding him or at least know what happened in a town where a few kids have gone missing.

This group of friends and their unique personalities is what stands out from the movie and makes you feel like one of them, endlessly riding bikes all Summer. Because after 'Super 8' and 'Stranger Things', we all got that 80s nostalgia from awesome classics like 'The Goonies' and that bunch of buddies we felt like our own. And that's why a terror movie like 'It' finds its success, because it makes you feel like watching one of those good old adventure movies.

Aside from that, the clown and the whole plot is shaky but not terrifying. Yeah, you get a few scares but it's not something you wouldn't be able to sleep at night. At least for adults. As Pennywise, the clown, does, the real life terrors is what at the end, scares us the most. A bunch of cruel bullies, a father who's aggressive with you, who's inappropriate, an old spooky painting, the fear of falling sick. These are fears that anyone could feel and that's what Pennywise works with. And all this makes 'It' the success of the Summer.

I was really surprised by how much i liked it as i had no expectations whatsoever and didn't watch the trailer because of reasons. But it's the perfect Summer to bid farewell to the Summer. Go watch if you haven't already!

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