Stranger Things (Season 1)

(Spoiler Things)
'Stranger Things' has definitely been the surprise of the season, there's always a show that you binge-watch during Summer, last year it was 'UnReal' for me, and this one it's been 'Stranger Things' like,  for sure.

The show had all elements to be attractive, it has Winona Ryder (that only was enough for me), it's set on the 80s, a mysterious plot and a soundtrack that sticks in your head from the very first moment you hear it, and of course, this was going to be a success. Not only because of all those elements but because the story keeps you attached from the pilot to the very last episode. So, let's talk about what we loved on 'Stranger Things'.

For a starter, and i think everyone agrees, the 80s nostalgia is everything. That's not easy to achieve, such a setting that looks like an old Spielberg movie or so similar to any film of that decade but 'Stranger Things' nailed it. It's like it was filmed 30 years ago and it came back to light now and that's huge. Because, you feel transported to that era, back when you were little and watched all those glorious old movies. And obviously, is full of references to all those films but i think everyone's favourite was the 'E.T.' scene with the kids in their bikes, but like a more badass version of it.

Which brings us back now to the cast, starting with the kids. The kids are amazing, they're true heirs of 'The Goonies' and i'm saying that being a huge Goonies fan. J.J. Abrams tried to achieve that with the kids in 'Super 8' and while it kinda reminded you of them, they weren't quite close. The five buddies in 'Stranger Things' really nailed that, it's like they are the youngest brothers of the Goonies and with a more important female character, that is Eleven (or El for her friends) fantastically played by Millie Bobby Brown. They create such a special bond apart from the one that already had the four young friends before El that is super sweet and funny.

But apart from them, there's Winona (WINONA FOREVER) and i was so happy to see her again after 'Black Swan' and i hope to see more of her because she always makes interesting stuff. Some say she was just playing crazy and that she's a bit crazy herself after that shop-litfing incident, but i saw more than that. She gave a mature performance of a desperate mother and i think she really did great.

The teenagers were also very on point, starting with Natalie Dyer playing Nancy, all good girl at first but then ready to kick the hell out of the monster by the end. I liked how she didn't end up with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) being what seemed obvious but returned to her lame boyfriend (marvelously played by Steve Harrington). And what about Barb (Shannon Purser) who didn't relate to her at some point and thought she deserved better? It was sad that she died and would love to have seen more of her but she died for being a good friend, poor thing.

As for the story, without having too many plot twists or things that we kinda could figure out, i think it really surprised everyone. I loved how the story developed and made you keep guessing all the time but in the end, while i was satisfied with the resolution, the opening clues for the second season don't felt that attracting to me. Mostly because i don't think how they're going to keep the mystery going and make it still right as its freshness can all fade away. So I guess we'll have to wait and watch for ourselves and probably prove me wrong. Hope so.

Below there's the show's main theme which i think everyone loved, at least i was into it the very first seconds i heard it.

sources: logominer & youtube

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