Sofia Coppola wins Gotham Award Special Tribute

Sofia Coppola was awarded the Gotham Award Special Tribute last night in honor of her career as a director and they did a gorgeous supercut of her movies to present the award to her, and i always love these type of videos.

In a recent interview she says that she has started writing her next project but there's no more info about it, and while 'The Beguiled' was a film that i didn't really love (the movie was beautiful but the trailer gives away everything), i'm always excited for her new projects. As for jumping to the small screen, she has no plans to direct any series in the future, as she doesn’t like to extend a story that long, which is a shame.

Anyway, you can watch the super beautiful video below as it contains scenes of all her movies, that out of her six features i really love three of them. Enjoy!

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