26 years of 'Achtung Baby'

Last year i totally missed U2's best album 25th anniversary so this year i had to dedicate it a post. I know many refer to 'The Joshua Tree' as the Irish band's best album but i have to simply disagree. In fact, as a kid i had to suffer from a die hard U2 fan (my brother) so i listened to everything U2 that was out there and the first album that i actually liked was 'Achtung Baby'. It was a total game changer for a band as it used to have a more conventional sound, so it was a really nice surprise, and the 'Zoo TV Tour' was something visually amazing and i wished i could have gone to one of their concerts but i was too young then.

So, below i posted my favorite songs from this one of a kind album that remains to this day my fave from them, i hadn't added 'Even Better Than The Real Thing ' because everyone knows that song (and i like these ones better) but you can listen to the full album here.

Zoo Station

The Fly


Who's Gonna Ride your Wild Horses

Ultraviolet. (Light My Way)

sources: u2 & youtube

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