'Ingrid Goes West' (2017)

'Ingrid Goes West' could be easily described as this decade's 'Single White Female' but with instagram accounts. Because if anything, this movie is a critic to the attachment we have to social media and specially to display a picture perfect life on instagram.

The movie clearly starts on that point with a scene that echoes the gloriousness that was 'Black Mirror's episode 'Nosedive', with a wedding scene all sabotaged by Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) because she wasn't invited. But in reality, she didn't even knew the bride or anything, she just followed her life through social media so she couldn't handle it and had to ruin the most #perfectday out of spite. 

Ingrid's case is going too far but at the same time i don't think it's that far from reality. Nowadays we all have, at some extent, a little bit of an addition to social media (facebook, twitter, instagram...) you name yours. I have to admit that i adore instagram and i like to upload pretty things but that's pretty much it but in the movie, not only Ingrid, which would be the most extreme case, but Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen) are victims to that addiction. Taylor is a socialite whose income provides from brands paying her to promote their products on instagram and that's pretty much it. She lives any girl's dreamlife, to just live, laugh, love and publish it on her account. But it's a fake life, where she depends on her likes and followers to have some kind of validation of herself. And it's not far from what Ingrid does, but Taylor's is the more acceptable way nowadays. There are tons of people who display their perfect life in photos but that in reality it's all a facade and they all tend to believe and that's what the movie is all about: The creation of this perfect life and validation through people we don't know, believing that we're some kind of celebrity among our followers.

Apart from the deep reflection, 'Ingrid Goes West' is a really funny movie. It's a dream film for instagram users because everything that it's expected it's shown, and both leading ladies are perfect on it. The movie opened this last Summer so be sure to watch it whenever you have the chance, but if you aren't convinced yet you can watch the teaser trailer below.

sources: archstecnica

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