'Skam's Isak and Even for Interview Magazine

'Skam's most beloved season, Season 3 with Isak as the absolute protagonist, aired a year ago and people are still talking about it. And while it wasn't my favorite (i'm a true S1 lover) anyone who watched knows the importance that particular season had. And that's why a year later Interview magazine is doing a spread with the two young actors that starred in S3.

Tarjei Sandvik Moe (Isak) and Kenrik Holm (Even) are featured in Interview's mag latest issue in a really cool and hip photoshoot by Frida Marklund where two Norwegian rising stars talk about the impact of that season among a teenage and not so teenage audience. Isak's and Even's lovestory was important because i don't think i've seen as many teen shows with gay plots that were as honest, natural and open as it was on 'Skam'. And here another important and key character of this plot was Eskild, an older but young gay character that shared his wisdom about his experience and the views of others on homosexuality. But the pretty picture are, of course, the two lovebirds falling in love, and there's nothing wrong in that, but Eskild should receive a lot more credit.

Anyway, as this shoot was too gorgeous not to post it and truth is that these two share an amazing chemistry, after the cut there are some of my fave takes of the photoshoot but you can check out the rest at the source. Oh, and enjoy this S3 promotional ad that i've never had seen and that perfectly explains Isak's struggle with his homosexuality and his hetero friends. It blowed my mind, literally.

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