'SKAM' Season 3

I finally watched Season 3 of 'Skam' and even though (i think) it has been everyone's favorite, and despite being better than the mess that Season 2 was, i still liked Season 1 sooo much better. Because, as i've said before, it didn't focus way too much on just the main couple and let everyone else shine as well, so it's a shame. But still, S3 was good and i understand the hype it had.

S3 turned out to be really nice with the lovestory of Isak and Even and i liked it because it showed how good friends are good friends by being accepting of their friends. Isak was scared to come out to everyone because he feared that he was going to get rejected by his pals, but once he did, everyone took it well and naturally as it should be. It's a shame that people nowadays have to struggle with that but sadly it is the way it is. I also liked the conversation between Jakob and Eskild about misconceptions of gay people that even Jakob had, and i liked how Eskild put him in his place.

I loved his parents' reaction to him coming out to him and i also liked how they treated the subject of religion and homosexuality, as the amazing Shana explained to Isak that it's not an incompatible thing, and that God loves us all.

So, as it seems that the show will continue to use this formula of only focusing on the main characters, let's hope that season 4 will be all about Vilde or Shana, because they should have appeared more and they're both badass girls. According to reports, season 4 is going to premiere sometime this Spring so we won't have to wait too much to find out. In the meantime, there are some of the best scenes this season had. After the cut!

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