'Skam' (Season 1)

(No Spoilers!)
It was not long ago when i learned about 'Skam', a Norwegian tv show described as the new 'Skins', and obviously,  i had to watch it. And the comparison was accurate and wasn't disappointed one bit as i watched the first season in less than two weeks.

'Skam' means "shame" in Norwegian and it has a lot to do with the plot and the characters of the show. After all, there's nothing more mortifying in your teens than to get embarrassed or feel ashamed about anything at all, especially in highschool. And while it follows the same pattern as 'Skins', i felt that 'Skam' was more relatable in the sense that the protagonists and the situations going on were more normal (when i'm talking about 'Skins' i'm referring to generation 1 and 2, obvs). And the more down to earth, the more real it feels. And also, bonus points to the Norwegian gang as there are a lot of characters involved, though the story seems to center mainly female characters like Eva, Vilde and Noora, so that's great. Not to take anything from 'Skins' but there are things that i'm liking more, even though there has been nothing that has gotten me like everything that happened on 'Skins' so far.

Anyway, apart from the obvious comparisons, and while there are still two more seasons that i have to watch, i feel like it's going to be among my faves. Ever from  the beginning i loved some characters like Vilde (so underrated), Noora, Sana, Chris and even Eva- who at first didn't tell me much though her past story with her friends was something interesting and that sadly (as someone who's been on her shoes) usually happens at that age. And i feel like there's a lot coming on where my teenage self would relate a lot.

So, i'm posting a few funny moments after the cut (i couldn't find more because i was afraid of finding spoilers), but seriously, you have to watch 'Skam' if you liked 'Skins's good seasons. I hope it keeps getting better as it seems and it doesn't fade with seasons like IT HAPPENED with the UK show. I guess i'll find about that soon!

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