'Twin Peaks: The Return' Top 10 Performances

You think i would go in deep about 'Twin Peaks The Return' without mentioning the awesome music performances that put a brooch almost at the end of every episode? You thought wrong. From Lynch's personal favorite Rebekah Del Rio, unforgettable since 'Mulholland Drive' and her performance in Silencio Club, to new additions into Lynch's world like the Chromatics, fitting perfectly into Twin Peaks, there had been a bunch of performances that gave us a breeze of fresh air after so many emotions during many episodes. And maybe those were to give us a moment and digest everything.

Anyway, there are some that have been stellar, like my number one with Rebekah Del Rio, which performance, voice and lyrics are something hypnotic. Other like the Nine Inch Nails provided the darkest performance for such a twisted episode like 'Part 8'. While we got some nostalgic performances with James singing 'Just You' or the iconic Julee Christie who was back on the show only to trash it after she didn't have the screen time she wanted. And we even got Audrey doing her dance, but was it really her?

Others were new artists like Lissie and her energetic 'Wild West' or even Lynch's son Riley performing with his band Trouble but every performance has been grand. So, below are my fave 10 performances the show had. Maybe you're missing the one with Eddie Vedder, but i'm simply not a fan. Yeah, there are people who don't like his voice or music. Anyway, Ladies and Gentleman, enjoy!

1. Rebekah Del Rio - No Stars (Part 10)

2. Chromatics - Shadow (Part 2)

3. Nine Inch Nails (Part 8)

4. Julee Cruise - The World Spins (Part 17)

5. James - Just You (Part 13)

6. The Veils - Axoloti (Part 15)

7. Lissie - Wild West (Part 14)

8. Trouble - Snake Eyes (Part 5)

9. Audrey's Dance (Part 16)

10. Chromatics - Saturday (Part 12)

sources: twinpeaksarg & youtube

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