'Polina' trailer

I simply adore anything related to the ballet world, from brilliant movies like 'Black Swan' or lesser ones like 'Center Stage' or 'Save the Last Dance', to tv shows as good as 'Flesh and Bone'. So the news of a new movie about this beautiful and dark world are always interesting news.

Shot in Russia, Belgium and France, the movie centers Polina's journey to become a ballerina, from growing up and learning ballet in a very strict academy when she was a little girl to her turned into a young woman and deciding to take another path in the dance world. Obviously, the trailer reveals quite a lot but i'll want to watch it anyway. Mostly because, contrary to 'Black Swan', here we get a real life ballerina, Anastasia Shevtsova, and it also stars Juliette Binoche as a dance teacher.

Let's hope that it doesn't take too long to ope worldwide but in the meantime watch the trailer below.

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