Cecy Young for Lula Magazine Issue 24

The magazine editorials of Lula Magazine are always something else, something really gorgeous that stands out and for the Issue 24 of the magazine, there's a really pretty photoshoot.

29-year-old Mexican photographer Cecy Young captures a group of young girls getting ready to take their first Communion, and the result is a mix of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' and 'The Virgin Suicides' that i (obviously) really loved. There's no need to say that the photos really give some intense Sofia Coppola vibes and there's nothing wrong about that because it means that the shoot is really dreamy, very feminine and it has a little ghostly atmosphere. And all those things i simply love. Enjoy this very pretty shoot and keep an eye for this young photographer because so far she's doing really interesting things. Check out all the pics after the cut!

sources: cecyyoung

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