Kirsten Dunst in Nylon Magazine

Kirsten Dunst graces the cover of Nylon Magazine's September Issue, and while the photo above is the inside cover of The Fashion Issue, i liked this one better because she's laying on the grass, dressed in a white lace dress like the Virgin Suicide that she is.

Nylon photoshoots are always great and this time Thomas Whiteside is behind the lens to capture Dunst and i liked the pics a lot but mainly because i've always liked Kiki and always have followed anything she does. From a very early age (she's a year younger than me) i've been following her career and she has chosen quite wisely her roles; from 'Interview with a Vampire' to personal favorites of mine like 'Little Women', 'The Virgin Suicides' or 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', to more adult roles like 'Melancholia' or 'Marie Antoinette' she didn't have the curse of the child actor. And now with the upcoming and trippy 'Woodshock', 'The Beguiled' (which i'm finally seeing next week) and starring on the TV Movie 'On Becoming a God in Central Park' with Yorgos Lanthimos, one of the most interesting directors right now, her star doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon.

So, while we wait for all those amazing projects, check out Kiki D. on Nylon mag, the rest after the cut!

sources: nylonkdnet

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