Kesha's 'Rainbow'

Kesha has finally released her new album, after some legal and very disgusting troubles she encountered, and the result can fully be reflected in 'Rainbow'. And i'm telling you as someone who¡s never listened to a full Kesha album, it's something worth giving a try.

'Rainbow' has old classic Kesha hits that are instant favorites like 'Let 'Em Talk' mixed with cheeky and fun songs like 'Boots' but also really powerful tracks like 'Praying' (best song of the whole album for me–that high note at the end!!) or 'Hymn', both songs heavily loaded with heartfelt lyrics. 'Learn To Let Go' is also another song where you can see how all those troubles made Kesha grow up and accept herself despite the haters bashing her looks. The cover, i think, it's no coincidence, as she was mocked online after some paparazzi pics came online and everyone called her fat. This cover, and basically the whole entire album, is Kesha screaming out loud to the haters that she doesn't care anymore, that she has returned from hell better than ever and encourages those who are living a nightmare to stay strong because you can always get out of that as triumphal as she has done. Kesha has always been an outcast so this is her ode to all those who have been in her place and she does it brilliantly. Truth is that are a few songs that i really didn't like but overall i think it's a decent album.

Glad to hear you back Kesha. Listen to 'Rainbow' here and to my faves below.

sources: spotify

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