'Heathers' TV Series' Teaser

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, as you might heard, the Heathers are back and headed to TV! A reboot of the 1988 chick flick classic will premiere during the first quarter of 2018 and the first teaser is out.

The 10-episode anthology will also have one of the original Heathers with Shannen Doherty as part of the cast (you can see a pic of her below), though her role is unclear, while Selma Blair will also appear as one of the Heathers' moms, casually the one that Doherty played in the film that will now be played by a male who identifies as a gender-queer. That change is something nice and refreshing though by looking at the teaser, these Heathers don't look a bit like the old original cast. But as we have to wait till next year let's hope more stuff comes from this tv series that, if done right, can turn into the ultimate guilty pleasure. Watch the teaser below!

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