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Yesterday was October 3rd (and also a Wednesday!) and because of this, it's the Mean Girls' day, it's as silly that:

I should have posted it then but i really forgot and uploaded something else but this deserved a post. Why? Because want it or not, 'Mean Girls' it's the chick flick of the 00s. There's not other movie like that on that period, so funny, cheeky, cool and good (yes, GOOD) as that one. Which reminds me of the three superior chick flicks of the last decades: There was 'Heathers' ('Escuela de jóvenes asesinos'), on the 80s, 'Clueless' on the 90s and 'Mean Girls' on the 00s and it doesn't get better than this. Of course there are some others like 'Never Been Kissed', 'Now & Then' or 'Bring It On' for some people (i've never, ever, liked that movie) but those three are the Queen Bees of that genre, those marked girly movies when they came out and while we're still waiting for the chick flick of this decade ('Bridesmaids' is a close one but does it fit that genre when there's no highschool involved?) here are some reminders on why these three movies are so great (and i love them so much):

Heathers (1988)

Clueless (1995)


Mean Girls (2004)


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