'Game of Thrones' Season 7's Best Moments and Scenes

Season 7 of 'Game of Thrones' was pure ice and fire (literally) and while it has been really criticized by many, because of the timing and everything, i think it has been spectacular. The show is on its way to end and things are simply happening all at once and there's no time to be accurate about time. In other seasons people complained about the show being too slow and sometimes boring when things took a while to take place but now, even though it seems all a bit rushed, it's how it has to be. Anyway, as there are so many mixed opinions about this S7 let's remember all the best moments and scenes there was, and sorry in advance but none will include Jonerys. After the cut!

(Spoilers everywhere)

First things first and we kick off with 'Dragonstone' (7x01) and a badass moment with Arya killing all the Frey men by impersonating Walder Frey who she murdered last season. Not only did we all got surprised about her totally taking place of the old man but also her decision to murder all his sons and men, leaving only women alive. It would had been awesome that these ladies took now house of Frey and made allegiance with the Starks but we'll see what happens.

Another moment that happened during 'Dragonstone' (7x01) that you might have missed was when The Hound goes to a farm house for shelter and finds two dead bodies of what it looks a father and daughter. I had to look it up but that's the place where back in Season 4, a farmer and his daughter took him and Arya in, only to get robbed by The Hound when they departed, making their chances to survive from zero to none. I liked it because it showed how much he has changed and how he regretted that and gave them a nice send off. The Hound is a character with an awesome evolution and even though at first i despised him, now i would be sad if he got killed.

Another character that i really adore is Ser Jorah Mormont. I don't care how many funny jokes you make about him after being friendzoned forever but he's a passionate and loyal man and i simply love how stupidly in love he is. So you can imagine how happy i was when in 'The Queen's Justice' (7x03) he got cured by Sam and his knowledge after reading those books in the Citadel and i couldn't be happier about it. Jokes aside, he's an excellent character and i hope there's a happy ending for him, though we know it won't be with Daenerys.

A moment that we all expected, as we love a Stark's reunion, was when Bran finally got to Winterfell and Sansa rushed into his arms after so many years in 'The Queen's Justice' (7x03). It was a happy moment for Sansa, who once thought he and Rickon got murdered by Theon, but as she'll soon realize, Bran is different now as he's the Three Eyed Raven and there seems to be no place for emotion. But it was also nice to see the pack getting back together.

Obviously, the other important reunion, that nearly happened in the gates of the Vale seasons ago, is when in 'The Spoils of War' (7x04) Arya finally returns home and meets Sansa. I must admit that it was a bit off and not as loving as we expected but truth is that the sisters never got along in the first place. There was going to be tensions after this but it was nice to see them together at last. It's amazing to think that in the end, the most emotional reunion was between Sansa and Jon, even when she despised him all her childhood.

Continuing with the reunions, another one that melted my heart was when in 'Eastwatch' (7x05) Ser Jorah returns all healthy and safe to Daenerys' side, just like he promised he would do. And it was  something really tear-jerking because, even though she was surprised and happy, no matter what he'll do that she will never love him what he wants. And soon they depart again and it's heart breaking for him.

Another meeting that broke everyone's heart took place in 'Stormborn' (7x02) when Arya comes across Nymeria, her long lost wolf, and she seems to recognize her but instead of staying with her she leaves with her pack. It seems that both Arya and Nymeria have changed and lead different paths as well and their place is not together right now, which is a shame and sad for Arya.

And the last meeting that i liked, even though there was a very big reunion in the finale, was when in 'Eastwatch' (7x05) Jon sees Daenerys' dragons really close for the very first time and he's even able to pet one of them, which is not something they allow anyone else. The dragons know that there's dragon blood in his veins and recognize that, but obviously he knows nothing and Daenerys has no clue as well. Little did they know about it.

And enough about happy meetings and let's start with all the exhilarating things that happened. And the first moment that got me on the verge happened in 'The Spoils of War' (7x04) and that amazing and brilliantly filmed battle. We see how the Dothraki are on their way to attack the Lannister army, among them is Jamie Lannister and Bronn, and while they plan to fight back, everything crashes down when they see the Khaleesi flying on a dragon that spits fire all around. Apart from the whole battle that is simply amazing and has you really anxious to see what happens, there's this very particular moment that got me all scared. That is, when Jamie, after seeing that Daenerys is standing on the ground, goes all brave and silly (because that was a silly thing to do) to murder her only to get nearly burned by the dragon, but thankfully Bronn pushed him into a river nearby. And not only that, in the final shot we see how he, unconscious is drowning as his armour and hand weigh a lot. And i couldn't bear to think that he was dead because i love this character so much it hurts.

Another battle that was amazing was, when in 'Stormborn' (7x02), Euron attacks Yara's and Theon's fleet by surprise and not only murders two of Ellaria's daughters and takes her and her last remaining daughter alive, but also takes Yara. And Theon, who's unable to do anything to save her, jumps off the boat like the famous coward that he is. Thinking about it, if he confronted his uncle he would had gotten killed and that wouldn't have helped Yara at all. But the moment was frustrating and sad because I think Yara really makes a good leader but the Greyjoy never have any luck.

After Euron's attack, Cersei gets what she really wants in 'The Queen's Justice' (7x03). And that is revenge. Now she has Ellaria and her daughter as prisoners and as Ellaria poisoned Myrcella, the only daughter that Cersei had, it was clear that she would make her suffer. And what better way to  do it than by poisoning her daughter the same way she did, but this time, the poison would take longer to make effect, and Ellaria, chained next to her daughter, would witness everything. It's something really cruel but we didn't expect less of Cersei. Many might hate her but i simply love how ruthless she is.

'The Queen's Justice' (7x03) had another poisoning moment, also courtesy of the Lannisters. That's when after burglarizing High Garden, Jamie meets Olenna Tyrell who has betrayed them, to put an end to her life. As Olenna is a respectful woman, he gives her a decent and appropriate ending but that's after she reveals that she was the one that murdered Joffrey by poisoning him. Obviously if he had know about this he wouldn't have shown so much mercy towards her but little could he do now. It's also really great that we don't see a great character like Olenna die, and the scene, after Jamie leaves, fades to black. A really great character she was.

Getting back to the battles, there's no doubt the one in 'Beyond the Wall' (7x06), when Jon, Ser Jorah, the newly found Gendry, Ser Davos, The Hound, Tormund and the Brotherhood, go in a suicide quest to capture one of the White Walkers to show prove of what's going to happen. It's indeed a suicide squad and when they confront a small group of White Walkers but soon is followed by the whole troop of thousands and thousands of them, it's scary. Luckily for them, Gendry runs for help really fast but not faster than those crowns flew the news to Daenerys, who comes with their dragons to their help. But tragically, one of the dragons got killed by the Night King though they all can escape with the exception of Jon, who's later rescued by her lost uncle Benjem and is able to return to the wall. But now the night army has a dragon and that's something really scary.

In 'Eastwatch' (7x05) we get confirmation of something really crucial in the story. While Sam is complaining about his job, Gilly finds out that some Ragger got a marriage annulment and while he ignores her, it's something very important. This will not be taken into the consideration it has until the finale, 'The Dragon and the Wolf' (7x07), when Sam returns to Winterfell and talks to Bran. Now, that was something that Gilly discovered but well, Sam took all the credit. But by talking to Bran, they both realize that Jon is not Rhaegar Targaryen's bastard, as Bran knew, but with Sam's news now they know he actually married Lyanna Stark and he's the rightful heir to the iron throne. Wait till Daenerys finds out about this.

Continuing at Winterfell, in 'Eastwatch' (7x05) we could witness how Arya confronted Sansa about a note she stole from Littlefinger. The note was the one Cersei made Sansa wrote after Ned Stark was killed and where she claimed that her father betrayed Joffrey and that he was the rightful king. It was sent to Robb who instantly knew that they forced her to write it but Arya thinks otherwise. She starts telling her sister that she wants to be Queen of the North and remove Jon from his position, listening to none of what Sansa is saying. The tension heightened when in 'Beyond the Wall' (7x06), and while searching for the note, Sansa finds Arya's many faces and gets discovered by her sister, who subtly threatens her with a knife she later gaves to her. Arya's attitude towards Sansa was really exasperating but luckily things didn't get bloody between sisters.

The finale: 'The Dragon and the Wolf' (7x07)

We arrive to the big finale, 79 minutes of an episode where everything mattered. Starting with that big reunion i was talking about, the one between Cersei and Daenerys, Jon Snow and his brother Tyrion among others. You could feel the tension and it was nearly comical how Cersei was bitching and didn't take them serious, until the Hound revealed the White Walker. That was scary and put everything in perspective until Jon messed it all up by claiming his pledge to his queen Daenerys.

Luckily for him, or maybe not, Tyrion goes to talk alone with his sister who mainly wants him dead. But it seems that after lashing out at each other, she has softened a bit since she's pregnant, and while we don't see it, it seems that they got some sort of arrangement as she finally accepts the truce all of a sudden. But maybe, Tyrion getting upset at the end of the episode after seeing how Jon and Daenerys get involved might be the one thing that he has promised Cersei, to forbid that the Dragon Queen has any children that could potentially harm the Lannisters in the future.

Another pivotal  moment was when Jamie is preparing to march to the North as he has pledged and Cersei has other plans for that. Jamie cannot break his oath to help them and that makes him confront his sister/lover in such a way that she nearly gives The Mountain the order to kill him. It showed him that Cersei only cares about herself and her crown and finally, he opened his eyes and left her side. Ever since the end of Season 5 i was sure that Jamie was going to be the one who murdered his sister and now i'm sure of it.

Meanwhile in Winterfell, things got to the top of the maximum tension when Sansa, after talking to Littlefinger about her sister's hidden intentions, convokes a trial for Arya, but it was a plot twist trial to Lord Baelish. This was unexpected after the tension between the two Stark girls, but so pleasant to see that in the end they turned all the hate towards their common enemy: Littlefinger. He begs for her mercy after Sansa recites the many betrayals he has done to her and her family and Arya finally rips his throat in a sort of poetic way as their mother Catelyn encountered the same death. Many feel sorry about this death but it was about time that Sansa got things done with him and that the sisters got united with the help of Bran. The final scene, with them looking at the snow just like Jon and Sansa did at the end of S6, was precious.

And we get to that ending scene where everything is scary and terrifying and makes you wonder how will they manage to fight that. This war is a shame for many plotlines in the series because the whole thing will change. Now there's no more houses fighting against each other but only all of them against their common enemy and it's hard that they'll win. You never know with this series but it'll certainly change many things. But we'll have to wait till 2019 to find out so we gotta have patience as Winter is finally here.

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