The Museum of Ice Cream

Oh, this is a museum i would spend hours in. The Museum of Ice Cream has to be a really sensory experience which brings you back to your childhood and to your sweetest dreams. Who hasn't thought about a giant pool with candy where you can eat as many as you can? Well, there's a gorgeous sprinkle pool at the installation, though i think you can't eat them.

This gorgeous idea first started out in New York and now has opened in LA, four times bigger than the the original one, and it's been sold out for weeks now. And who wouldn't want to go? This is not only a place where you can be a kid again but the fun exhibits and the dreamy and colorful rooms make it for an instagram overdose of happiness. This must be such an amazing experience that i would love if they brought it in Europe though i doubt it. I would definitely go no matter the place because i would enjoy it a lot, and not only because of the many gorgeous instagrams i would take.

Behind the cut i posted a bunch of delish pics of this ode to ice cream that is really something else. I really envy anyone who's able to go.

sources: amny & laist

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