Selena Gomez' 'Fetish' Music Video Directed by Petra Collins

Selena Gomez has released a new song which are not news to me because i don't really follow her music (no shade intended) but the music video is directed by Petra Collins, so there she got my attention.

As you know, i really follow and love Collins' work and lately it seems that these two are collaborating a lot, as Petra photographed Selenita for Wonderland Magazine, and they really seem to work things out pretty nicely and good. In the video, Selena sings about some old love that keeps coming back while she's desperate at home trying (i think) not to go back to him. From ripping her tights or tying up her tongue, to eating glass, soap, lipstick, whatever not to yearn for that love, for a kiss of that love, that tongue. She's so hot about it, she even gets into the cooler. The vid is full of really Petra Collins-esque images, and i always adore her style and signature photography, and the song is not bad at all, infact i have it on my mind ever since i watched the vid.

So enjoy this new Collins-Gomez collab and check out some pics the photographer took on set as well as come stills of the vid. After the cut!

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