Lana del Rey's 'Lust for Life'

Lana del Rey is back with, in my opinion, her best album since her debut 'Born To Die'. Her sophomore album 'Honeymoon' was alright too but i'm really loving 'Lust For Life' a lot. Truth is, it totally has Lana de Rey's signature's sound, but the lyrics, the melodic songs, have something else despite some tracks sounding exactly like she always does. And while 'Ultraviolence' was a little too dark for me, i think with her latest album she's back to her good old self.

Songs like 'Tomorrow Never Came', a beautiful heartfelt duet with Sean Ono Lennon that sounds exactly like a Beatles song and transports you to that era, or cool hip songs like 'Summer Bummer' feat. A$AP Rocky & Plaiboi Carti that makes it for the perfect Summer anthem, thing that she's such a mastermind for. And another thing she's perfect at is at writing heartbreak songs like 'White Mustang' with vocals where you can really feel her pain, just like in 'Cherry' or '13 Beaches', she's simply the heartbreak queen.

So, below i have added some of my fave songs from this really excellent album that i feel it's gonna be the soundtrack of the Summer, just like 'Born To Die' was so many Summers ago now. Enjoy.

sources: genius & spotify

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