Nicole Kidman by LOVE Magazine

Nicole Kidman is red hot on the cover of the LOVE Magazine #18 issue photographed by Carin Backoff and Sally Lyndley and she has just turned 50!

The photoshoot spread is simply fantastic, we get to see a fun and flirty Nicole that looks like time hasn't passed for her (despite the botox, which i think she has laid off a bit) and infact, she looks better than ever. And not only the photos are great but i think there's a little wink to this scene of 'To Die For', one of my fave Kidman films, where Nicole's character dances in the rain in a blue/lilac polka-dot dress, just like the one she wears in the pics before the cut, but i could be wrong and just be a mere coincidence.

 But well, as we wait for 'The Beguiled' (yeah, it hasn't opened here yet) and the many other interesting projects she has coming like, 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer', 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties' or 'Top of The Lake's Season 2, let's enjoy this gorgeous shoot of flirty and fun cowgirl Kidman. More after the cut!

sources: lovemag & nksource

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