Game of Thrones' Season 6's Best Moments & Scenes

Season 6 of 'Game of Thrones' was literally ice and fire and had some very important moments that cannot be missed. So, as this Sunday Season 7 premieres and as i didn't do my usual Best Moments and Scenes post last year, what better way to get ready for the new one than to do it now. So, catch up with S6's best Moments and Scenes as there are quite a few. There are entire episodes in this because the season was absolutely amazing. Check them all out after the cut!

Starting things chronologically, because there's no other way, the first moment that really touched my heart had to be when Sansa in 'The Red Woman' (6x01), as she finally escapes from Ramsay with the help of Theon and encounters Brienne and Podrick. She finally allows Brienne to pledge her loyalty to her and protect her with her life, and Sansa knows if the had listened to her before and hadn't trusted Littlefinger, she wouldn't have fallen in Ramsay's hands and she wouldn't have been tortured and raped by him. And Brienne is finally happy to vow to Sansa as she promised to do so to Catelyn Stark.

 A huge moment that had everyone guessing was the death of Jon Snow. I think everybody knew that he couldn't be dead and would be brought back to life by the Red woman but when she finally did at the end of 'Home' (6x02) in that very last scene of the episode, it gave us all an adrenaline rush.

Another rather less happy moment in 'Home' (6x02) happened at the hands of the ultimate bastard Ramsay Bolton who, after the news of the birth of Lord Bolton's newborn son, he quickly murders him in fear of being replaced by the new baby. But the brutality of  Ramsay reached its highest level when he went to meet his baby brother and he fed his dogs with Lady Bolton and the child in a really brutal scene showing how Ramsay has no heart for anyone but himself.

But returning to the happy moments, i think everyone sobbed when in 'Book of the Stranger' (6x04) Sansa and Jon finally meet and they hug in an endless embrace that spoke louder than words. After the Red Wedding with Arya nearly meeting her mom and Rob right before they were brutally murdered by the Freys and the Lannisters, we never had really witnessed the Starks reunited and it was impossible not to get emotional. And especially when Sansa  never really treated Jon as a brother but as a bastard, but with that huge hug they left all that behind now because she realized that they're family and he was a Stark just like her.

Also in 'Book of the Stranger' (6x04) there was an epic moment by Daenerys Taragaryen when, after being imprisoned by the Dothraki and sent to life in confinement with all the other Kahl's widows, she burns the whole place with the masters inside so she's free and now has an army of Dothraki, that's not small at all. But the fierceness that she shows is another proof of why she will reign the Seven Kingdoms.

So now we've come to the saddest moment from the whole entire season, that happens in 'Hold the Door' (6x05) and you know what i'm talking about. At first we see how Bran, thanks to the Three Eyed Raven, mind travels to the past to see his father Ned Stark during his young days in Winterfell, but also sees Hodor when he was a young boy, and how he spoke and was normal like everyone else. It was only after one interaction from Bran with young Hodor that he collapses and after that he only says 'Hodor' when he speaks. We see how, that moment where Bran gets into Hodor's mind in the past, even though he's seeing it now, it affects him throughout his life, because young Hodor sees the horror that's coming with the white walkers chasing them, and his whole life he's focused on the mission of holding the door so Bran and Meera can escape from them. And it's truly heartbreaking, devastating and tears you apart.

In 'The Broken Man' (6x07) we are introduced to one badass character that it's 10-year-old Lady Mormont who's fierce and runs a household by herself, and how cool is that? She doesn't make it easy for Jon and Sansa to convince her to join forces with them against Ramsay but luckily she does. Let's hope to see more from her in the following season.

A shocking moment that 'The Broken Man' (6x07) had was when Arya got stabbed The Waif when she was trying to leave Braavos at the end of the episode. She sure was stabbed several times leading to believe that the wounds would be fatal but inside i knew she was not going to die as G.R.R. Martin  has said that his wife would divorce him if he killed off that character. So she didn't and when she finally killed The Waif in 'Battle of the Bastards' (6x09) saying "A girl is Arya Stark from Winterfell and I'm going home" we all cherished that because it was about time that she had to go home.

 In 'No One' (6x08) we probably witnessed the most heartfelt moment in seasons with the meeting of Jamie and Brienne as they're both after the Blackfish for different reasons. In their encounter, Jamie is impressed with Brienne for keeping her promise to Catelyn Stark keeping Sansa safe and she wants to return the sword he gave her to accomplish her mission, but he refuses. "It's yours it always will be yours," he says, and i couldn't help to think he's talking about his heart, as they both have this sexual tension they refuse to admit. I ship these two like madly but they fight in different sides so they inevitably are enemies.

And now we get to the two final episodes that are two of the best episodes of the whole entire show. Starting with 'Battle of the Bastards' (6x09) where we see the most awesome man-to-man fight ever in a tv show (that i've seen). You see how bodies crash against each other, the brutality and the chaos of the whole thing, the fear, shouting and blood that there's all around, the hundreds and hundreds of extras that were involved. It's all so nicely and accurately filmed that it's simply one of the greatest scenes in television. Even the nearly suffocation of Jon Snow made you feel breathless, it was awesome.

We cannot forget that prior to the fight in 'Battle of Bastards' (6x09) we witnessed a really thrilling but yet heartbreaking scene, that is when Ramsay releases Rickon who runs to the arms of his brother Jon but is killed by Ramsay's arrows in a scene where you pray for him to be faster and not get killed. It was another game by the Bolton bastard and even Sansa knew before hand that they wouldn't get their little brother back alive.

But luckily for once, the Starks get a happy ending as Jon defeated the Bolton men in 'Battle of Bastards' (6x09) and Sansa got her revenge with Ramsay after all he put her through. And it was a sublime moment for her because she made him pay for everything he did to her and what better way than to feed his dogs with him, as he liked to do with his enemies, that little sick fuck. And we got to see Sansa all roughen up and merciless as she's not that sweet young girl anymore.

And we finally get to 'The Winds of Winter' (6x10) with that epic beginning of the episode with Cersei being the absolute queen by blowing up the Great Sept of Baelor with the High Sparrow, all his army and Margaery and Loras Tyrell inside, removing all her enemies from her sight all at once. And having a glass of wine while doing so. But as a consequence she also looses Tommen, who throws himself out of the window though i think she also was counting on that, as the witch told her that she would lose all her children. And her sitting on the Iron throne while Jamie arrives and sees that she has done exactly what he stopped the Mad King from doing, as he's known as the Kingslayer after that, the way he looks at her is something priceless.

Another great moment of 'The Winds of Winter' (6x10) that we were all expecting was Ser Davos confronting the Red Woman over Shireen's death, as he finds out she was burned by her. Little did he know that her father Stannis Baratheon and her mother agreed to do so, breaking Ser Davos' heart as she was as a daughter to him, as he confesses.

 We also saw how in 'The Winds of Winter' (6x10) badass Arya finally kills another member of her list, and that is Walder Frey, in an epic scene where she feeds him his slaughtered sons in a silver plate and finally rips his throat open as revenge for what he did to her mother and to her brother Rob in the Red Wedding. And we were all happy to see that as he was a despicable man.

And finally, a key scene of 'The Winds of Winter' (6x10) has to be when, in one of Bram's visions as the Three Eyed Raven, we finally see how Ned Stark comes to his sister Lyanna's rescue, only to find out she has just given birth to a baby right before she passes away. She asks her brother to raise him as his own child as she was abducted by Rhaegar Targaryen and that's why an honorable man like Ned Stark just couldn't have a bastard son. And that baby is noone other than Jon, which confirmed an old fan theory that made him not only a Stark, but a Targaryen as well and that is brilliant.

And this has been quite a recap because Season 6 had so many amazing moments that i just could not post them. So, Winter is here in 2 days so, are you ready?

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