'Skam' Season 4 & series' finale

This season of 'Skam' centered on Sana has been... great! Many were complaining about the show's last season not being focused on Vilde, but i think they did the right choice. Not only was Sana the most interesting character to focus on but also there was more to her story than everyone else. And i'm glad they did.

For a starters, Sana had always been this badass girl who stood strong for her beliefs and wasn't afraid to do so under any circumstances and in Season 4 we had seen a deconstruction of all that. She had trouble with her faith and not being normal as her Norwegian friends, and she struggle between being with them despite being different. When i mean, being different, i mean that she had another religious belief and she had to keep being faithful to that. And what we've seen is a lesson of tolerance and how anyone with any beliefs or sexual orientation can be and should be leading a normal life. Just like any other human being because why wouldn't they? In 'Skam' not only did they dig into LGTB rights but also on the terrible misconception that all Muslims are terrorists, which is something awful. And by showing us precisely how life is, they had accomplished a great thing with the show. Not that it changed my perspective on Muslims or whatever, but i'm sure it made a lot of people think about it.

Aside from the religious topic, the plot has also been great. From the buss russ and all the drama with the fake social media accounts, to Sana's infatuation with Yousef, to the reinforcement of some friendships and the strong bond that the girls share, it's been a pleasure to watch. And while it's sad to think that we won't be seeing or Norwegian friends anymore, i think it was right to end it, right before it lost its magical touch. And with that final minute with the speech written to Sana and showing the many comments with the positive response that the show has received it was the perfect brooch to end such a marvelous thing.

'Skam' is definitely among my favorite series list now and i'm definitely doing a top 10 of the best teen shows ever, because this one will rank high. In the meantime, let's remember how precious this season was with some moments and scenes that the show had. After the cut! Hade!

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