Coppola, Dunst & Fanning for the Dazed Summer Issue

'The Beguiled' ladies, director Sofia Coppola and actresses Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning, are gracing the three covers of the Dazed Magazine Summer 2017 issue, and the three different photoshoots are great.

I'm loving all the promo from 'The Beguiled' because i love the cast and director so much that i can't help but to post these three editorials. There are many more pics at the source below so be sure to check them out. Sofia's latest film opened in the US last weekend and it's getting such a positive response worldwide that i can't wait to watch it (i'll have to wait until August 18th). In the meantime at least i get to see pretty shoots like these, so see them all behind the cut!

Photographed by Mark Borthwick

Photography by Caspar Sejersen

Photography by Ryan McGinley
sources: dazed

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